Naughty Princess and the Gang
14 Helping Her a Little
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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14 Helping Her a Little

It was her first day in Leng's residence. When she woke up, the girl had already gone to her work leaving the little brat behind.

"You're awake. Your old yet you sleep like a log"

Mei started her first banter on her.


She still feel sleepy. She didn't pay her attention then get back to sleep.

Mei went to her bed. "what are you doing get up. Your a freeloader here! at least show some loyalty"

This time she couldn't sleep at all. Mei was like a mother nagging to her child about going to school. "okay okay I'm up now what?"

"It's already almost noon. I'm going to send sister her lunch and you'll come with me"

"what's your sister's work?" with full of curiosity she ask her.

The girl's eyes lit in excitement "my sister works in a performing troupe. They are pretty famous in the capital now. if you want you can watch her perform" Mei said boastful.

Just hearing performance her mood lifted. Back then she was an avid fan and a solid follower of some boy groups she know. She clearly remembers that feeling of mix emotions and pure happiness when she went on their concerts. She missed those old days.

She ask little Mei what was Leng's role and the brat said that she's one of the actresses there. The girl also said that her sister was pretty famous and that lot's of admirers are fighting for her attention. It's not something that would astonish her. Leng really is a beauty of her generation. Plus with her kindness she's the perfect role model for young maidens out there.

She could see boring days come to an end upon learning this.

They enter a huge mansion that hides a magnificent arena on the inside. From her point of view, the stage could almost hold thousands of people inside.

"where's your sister? and why are we hiding?"

She's been meaning to ask this child because they're like fugitives in hiding.

"My sister don't like me going in here. So I secretly sneak here"

What the heck.

This is troublesome.

She was getting ready to stand up from where they were hiding and head straight to the girl's sister when she saw a similar event that happens in a drama.

Leng was talking to a voluptuous lady with an overbearing aura. She can't hear what are they talking but it seems that she's scolding Leng.

Just then her hand landed on her left cheek. A loud "slap" sound echo to the whole vicinity. She was a little taken aback. Leng didn't do anything. She just feel her left cheek and look unto the ground.

She was about to storm where they were standing but Mei stopped her. In her eyes she could see hatred and tears that could fall any moment. How can this child harbors this kind of sentiment when she's only a kid? She hugged her tightly and patted her head.

This has nothing to do with her, that's what she thought. Helping them would be troublesome and she hates to be the center of attention but when she sees this scene she could feel crap inside. Somethings need to set straight.

They just left Leng's lunchbox.

When Leng got back that evening she was cheerful like something didn't happen and Mei was treating her like she saw nothing. What a pair of oddball.

"where are your parents" she burst without thinking. It was too late for her to withdraw her words. It was Leng who answer "I don't know where they are. Its just me and Mei since the beginning. They left and never came back"


"It's okay. Where trying to live our lives. Mei is the only thing that matters to me..." and she hugs Mei like she's some kind of rare treasure in the world. They were each others strength. She had long for this kind of relationship. Without any hidden motif just pure and loving. She was alone in her other world that's why she wasn't able to experience that kind of attachment with one another.

Late that night Leng went to her bed carrying little Mei on her hands. Mei was fast asleep between the grasp of her big sister. "Sister can little Mei sleep with you tonight?" she was dubious of her actions. "is something the matter?" she talk back at her. "nothing, it's just that I need to separate her from me. She's a big girl who'll need to be independent sooner " Leng was right. However, was this the right move to do?

Leng put the sleeping girl next to her bed. "Its just this night, please sister" She pleaded. How could she resist when she genuinely ask her?

It's just only this time and Leng makes sure that she will not be bothered tomorrow.

"oh well, if it's only for the night " she agreed after all she's her benefactor.

Leng made her way to her bed put Mei on it then bid her goodbye.

That same night...

Bai Shin Lin woke up from her thirst. There were no aircons or electric fan on this era and that makes the night felt like almost a day. She went to the living room to get water but then realizes that the front door was open.

This Leng. Did she forgot to close the door?

She went to close it but then froze in an instant.

Leng was outside with a man. The man seems to be the same age as her. She lean a little close to the door in order to hear what are they talking.

"Young master, if madam would have found this I don't know what will happen to us siblings...." it was Leng.

"You don't need to think about it. As long as your keeping your mouth shut no one would discover right? Just continue being a slave and nothing will come before you. With this I will secure your position to the group" the arrogant man put his face a little over to her neck then little by little getting down..."young master, please be gentle..."

Bai Shin Lin saw an inappropriate scene in front of her eyes. The man was pinning Leng unto the wall but the girl didn't do anything against him. He was grabbing her hand and forcefully kissing her all over.

And she was even horrified what she saw next! The man has already touching something that shouldn't been touch. Leng just made a soft moan out of it. Shit! it's just like she was watching a live porn in front of her very innocent eyes!

She's about to march there, however Leng made a move. "Young master it's inappropriate to do this kind of things outside. We should head inside." the man stop himself from doing something. Then scratch his head grumpy. When Bai Shin Lin saw this she hurriedly went to her bed then crawled like crazy.

Her heart thumping so fast. What should she do? It seems Leng is trapped over the situation!

She rolled over her bed like an idiot trying to squeeze any ideas from her brain...


Some brilliant idea came unto her.

She immediately got up, arrange her long hair that would cover her face then walk sluggishly.

She halt towards Leng's room.

She went there like a cat without any noise then went straight up to their bed. She peek a little over between the strands of her hair and saw awful scene.

Shit! Is she too late! Did they reach the third base already!

"woah!" the man gasp when she saw her. "hhhmmmm" she acts as if she didn't hear anything. "who are you?!"

Leng went closer to her and study her face. " Lin?"

After hearing her name she slump her body between those two and spread her arms like she owns the bed. "It must be one of her sleepwalking habits" she heard her. At least she caught up with her idea.

The man immediately got away from bed then shouted "who is this! don't tell me you harbor another beggar again. Last time, it was an old woman, now these!"

"master please come down you'll wake her up"

She knows the man was annoyed. Not to mention she obstructed him from what he was doing. Bet he's little brother below is screaming with frustration!

Damn adults. So disgusting!!!

The man whom Leng called Master didn't give up. He even dragged Leng outside and went onto the bathroom.

This man! Just when he will give up.

{you think you'll get what you want!}

She stand again then assume her sleep walking position and head straight to the bath.

When the man see her his whole aura tremble with anger. His face had become so red and shouted to Leng "damn! I get it. You win. I lost the desire already" then he strode out of the house with face like a whole world has fallen over his shoulder.

Mission accomplish.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》