Naughty Princess and the Gang
12 Start of chaos
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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12 Start of chaos

It was midnight, Bai Shin Lin was feeling a little relentless. The servants had already tidied up her bed yet she's not in a mood to do so. She opened the window wide and stare up the vast dark night. Heavy clouds are forming and rain is inevitable.

It's been three months since she was reincarnated to this body and a lot of things happen.

Did she really died on her other world? She wonders who discovers her body?Did they give her a proper burial?

Funny to think that she would die over slipping.

{cursed you bananas!}

{I will never eat you ever again}

Her insides screams it.

She had gone to her bed, when the outside become noisy. Loud footsteps of soldiers are what she heard follow by lots of people who went out to see what was the commotion.

She went to see what was happening and tap the shoulders of the person nearer her. "What happened?" with full of curiosity she even lean a little closer but got block by people ahead of her having the same intention.

"The emperor has just died"

"what!" she gasped

"Who killed him?"

"rumor has said that it was the crown prince. However, he already fled even before his majesty's body discovers" she was petrified. Prince Xiao killed his own father! Just what is happening now!

"hey hey" she tried again to pester that person. "how did he died?"

"how could I know? That's why I'm here also!" the person she asked scream at her face.

That manner! and she dared to a princess!

"by the way, who are you" the person turned his head over her. It's as if she was seeing her for the first time.

An arrogant smile form in her lips.

"I am Princess Bai Shin Lin. Distant relative of the Emperor"

The person glared with a blank face.

"I haven't heard of the name Bai Shin Lin nor a distant relative of the emperor. But I do sure heard of General Bai but she doesn't have a daughter"


"you seem suspicious, are you a servant working here..."

The person whom she was speaking become rowdier and nastier as she spoke to her.

"No I'm not. Am really a princess here! Bai Shin Lin! Haven't you heard that name" she yell from the top of her lungs. However people still couldn't get the gist of who she was. It this a joke?Are they playing dumb? So why can't they remember her?

"Do you have someone to back up your statement miss?"

One person rudely spoke to her. She's getting a little irritated with the situation.

"Call Maomao! She's my servant"

Now the whole crowd has gathered from where she is standing and making funny faces in front of her.

After a few minutes, a familiar servant came into her view "Maomao" she immediately call her

"Tell those people who I am?" she crossed her arms and proudly waited for her words to come out

The servant look at her then to the massive crowds.

"I am sorry miss, but I do not have any idea of who you are. I am a servant of Princess Lou Feng who's currently serving the Princess. Perhaps you mistook me for someone else"

her jaw dropped. She was even more surprise with her answer.

"Maomao, what ridiculous things you are spouting?! This is your lady? Did you have amnesia?Did you bump your head? Can you not remember me? Bai Shin Lin? His highness fiancée?"

As if like a bulb that switch on, the attention of the people giving her was even more hostile and brutal followed by murmurs and gossip around.

Person 1 (Did you hear that? She said she's his fiancée?"}

Person 2 (hah! The nerve, just who did she think she is. She's not even on his level.)

Person 3 ( bet she's conspiracy with the prince)

Person 4 ( is she loosing her mind. What a dreamer!!!)

Even though she can't hear clearly deep inside she can sense their inner sentiments.

Just then 2 soldiers drag her out and throw her inside a palace jail.

Happenings are pacing swiftly that she's having a hard time analyzing the situation. She's pretty fine for a moment then for a second turn of minutes another story is created.

Right now, inside the dark lonesome and eerie room. She reminiscence what happen today. It's as if her existence had vanish over a period of time and whats worse is Xiao, killing his own father. Although she harbors a unpleasant feeling towards him, she couldn't bring herself to think of him as a murderer.

She openly lied in a hard floor-cement of the jail room with arms spread wide over her head like if it was some sort of bed and intently staring at the filthy ceilings.


She don't want to think hard. Some problem won't be solve by just thinking itself.

" and here I thought you'd feel miserable and confused Mylady?" It was a familiar voice. Voice that soothes the pain and confusion with her heart. She immediately got up and stuck her head between the cold metal bars. "Lou Ren!"

The man gracefully bowed down to her.

"you--- you know me right? didn't you forgot about me.... you know who I am?"

"relax mylady I know you"

"what happened?"

The man didn't respond to her question. Instead he spoke" there are variables that was beyond control. It wasn't suppose to happen. I've already notify his highness about the unexpected turn of events"

"where is Prince Xiao? is it true?" she was pointing the credibility about the issue regarding the crown prince.

"all I could say is, it's not true. you'll definitely meet him when you go to this destination." he handed her a small note that could be easily hidden with her garments.

He has clearly no intention of explaining it to her.

"Please rest assured my lady. When you met his highness, he will tell you everything as for now, we should guaranty your escape. The enemy is planning to behead you three days from now"

"beheaded me!!!" Bai Shin Lin felt chills over her body.

Lou Ren at first glance sense her discomfort.

"that's why we need to do something"

She just stared at him.

She was still in dazed mode and couldn't react to his proposition.

He handed her the key which unlocks her room.

Without hesitation she grab the key from his hands. She had died once and she will never die twice, not now...she's still adapting to this world.

"How about you?"

Lou Ren cast his ever magnificent alluring smile unto her.

"I will be okay here, mylady please be safe" he waved her goodbye then he went on separate ways with her.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》