Naughty Princess and the Gang
11 His Sister???
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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11 His Sister???

The moment Bai Shin Lin open her eyes, she was on her own room. From her side she spotted a familiar face before.

" Princess, are you okay?" she immediately rose up from bed and look for her servant. But she wasn't in there.

"Mengmeng, what are you doing in this room?"

"Order from his highness. I should wait till you wake up"

She pinched the skin between her eyebrows and tried to recollect what had happened. They were attack and a loud thunder takes place that's when her consciousness drifted away."Now, that I am awake. what do you want" she was blunt. She don't have any intention to become this girl's ally. After all she considered her as rival.

"Princess, I don't know what did I do wrong, but please forgive me Brother Lou Ren said to consider you as an elder sister"

BROTHER LOU REN! This girl! Just when did she become close to her Lou Ren!

"do you have a crush on him?"

Mengmeng was so stunned with her statement. Crazily she shakes her head. "Brother Lou Ren is kind and gentle. I cannot have any malicious views about him"

On the corner of her lips a hidden smile could be seen.

That's right good girl. Better know your position. Inside Bai Shin Lin's heart she was evilly laughing.

"Brother Lou Ren said that his highness is willing to take me and educate me like noble princess would be, because it was in my lineage. I tried to pulled my family to come with me but they are to compose with the field. In the end, I was the in the carriage all alone"

Mengmeng also said that she knows they are from a noble family but was hidden due to the fact that their family is cursed. That's what they believe. However, when one day, his highness arrives at their door and secures their future they were all happy for her.

Bai Shin Lin couldn't connect the situation. Isn't the palace has special unit to eradicate their appearance, so why is this prince helping her.

"Aren't you afraid the he might be a two-faced jerk and might kill you inside the palace?" she blurted out what is inside of her mind.

"His highness was so sincere and pledge his loyalty. My parents believe in him. After all, the special unit that the rumors are talking about...."

She lowered her voice then whispered in her ears. "it's not the palace who was responsible about it...if that would be true, wouldn't his highness and brother Lou Ren would be eradicate as well because they are apart of the secret families" she continued.

This girl has a point.

Now that she sees it. Xiao, is also a holder of thunder ability. She's worst enemy. That's the reason she passed out a little while.

"...besides, if i would be pick to be one of his highness's concubine. Would that be a blessing"

The girl started to daydream.

Her mouth gaped wide open. She didn't expect this conversation would come to this.

She remembered that this lady didn't know that she was his fiancee. But even so, if she would know about it her resolve wouldn't be affected by such trivial matters. She laughs over this girl naivety.

"yeah, if you like him go for it! His highness doesn't have any wife at the moment you might be his first one"

The girl squeal from her excitement. She really is in love for him. Too bad, she has already a rival. That Lou Feng girl is not an easy opponent

"Yah, and I heard that the current fiancee is a little obnoxious and head over heels over him don't you think she might give me a hard time when she knows about me?"

Is this intentional? If she didn't know that this girl is clueless she don't know what she will do to her. However she just let it go.

"don't worry, the fiancee is not the one you'll be worried. But there might be someone who'll give you a hard time"

Mengmeng seems to think for a moment then seriously face her.

"Princess, if I may allowed to ask, what would you be your relationship with the prince?"she was caught off guard with her question. She tried to find her words then answered " oh, I'm her sister. yeah sister right. were close! as in really close, you can confine your thoughts about him with me and maybe I could help you"

"really, really, really"

the girls eyes lit in excitement "yes where sisters right?" she hugged her lightly.

"by the way what did you see in his highness"

"his highness is cold and stern yet warm on the inside. Not to mention his no. 1 ranking as the most handsome in the whole kingdom!!!"

"oh yeah, so what about Lou Ren?"

"He's only number three in the ranking"

Number three!!! Just number three.

"and who's number two?"

Mengmeng stop for a moment then think.

"someone who's called Shang? Some unknown merchant that visit the kingdom once every year"

Her Lou Ren should be number two! Whoever this Shang sissy boy would be, he better watch out. She'll gonna make her Lou Ren the number two.

They were in a heated conversation when an attendant announces the arrival of the prince.

Her intuition is saying to avoid him at all cost.

She pretended to sleep. Mengmeng on the other side couldn't understand the reason behind her sudden reaction.

Mengmeng greeted the Prince upon entering

"your highness, your sister hasn't yet woken up"

Xiao twitch his eyebrows.

"sister huh?"

"yes your highness. It seems that my healing wasn't still able to refill her vital energy"

Xiao walk a little closer to her bed. Intently looking at her. Was he just looking at her or glaring now.

Then he put something on her head.

It was a beautiful violet long pin with a butterfly design. He lean a little close to her ear and whisper. "Stay alive no matter what. I'll be gone for a long while" his voice could be mistakenly caring and tender with a hint of concern. But why?

After saying that he went back.

It was Mengmeng who informs her that he had gone away.

"Princess, you truly are adore by his highness!"

Adore my ass.

However, she couldn't herself but to think with his last words. Where would he be going? Does he need to say it to her.{Don't think much about it Lin. Save your brain cells to worthwhile ideas.} She decided to leave such thoughts about him.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》