Naughty Princess and the Gang
10 Daughter of a Farmer
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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10 Daughter of a Farmer

A treasure of jewelries and pure diamonds arrive at her room early morning. When she asks the attendant he said it was from the Prince. Bai Shin Lin lifted her left eyebrows. {Is this what he called reward?}

She rummaged over the glittering treasures. She saw Maomao's eyes glitter in excitement. She look at her lethargically. "Do you want some?"

The servant nodded a hundred times.

When she handed the servant's portion of her jewelries, she immediately enfolds it in a cloth then wrapped around her waist. She also change her garments into a commoner's clothes.

Maomao look at her in confusion.

"I'm going out for a while, pretend to be me" She's going to sell and convert these items to cash. She needs cash for future purposes.

Without hesitation, she strode outside her chamber, However, as she was passing by the Northern palace, she spotted Lou Ren from afar, as he was about to call him she saw a plain looking lady from his side.

Hah! Cheating behind her back!

They were talking intimately that without hesitation she immediately march towards his way but got block by a huge figure. When she look up, it was him! The one he's always avoiding.

"And where do you think your going?"

He ask in a dominant tone.

"hehehe your, highness I was only having my morning walk." She lied. The more grim his face had become. She doesn't have any time to deal with him. "Your highness, I shall take my leave"

She didn't wait for him to respond

"Aiyahhh" She screams from the back of her lungs.

He pulled her up, carried like a sack of rice on his shoulder. Since she was a petite woman he surely didn't find it difficult for him to pulled her. Why, does she born to be small?

"Put me down. Where do you think your going" she wailed onto him but her efforts are worthless and he didn't seemed to be bothered by her outer garments.

He was headed towards Lou Ren .

Oh no! He would gonna see her in an embarrassing manner. She don't want that to happen."I said put me down!"

He put a deaf ears on her. He only put her down when she was in front of them. Great! Just what was he planning to do.

Now that she was facing the lady, she look at her in every detail. She was the type that in one look, would think she's a kindhearted. She was born with a face that looks innocent. Compared to her, her face appears to be the villainess types in a movie.

The girl smile sweetly when she saw her.

Lou Ren look at her shockingly from her feet to the head. Then made a " what are you wearing?" look in his face. She just shrugged her shoulders as if she didn't notice it.

"hello maam, I am Jiang Mengmeng" she greeted then bowed to her.

Lou Ren introduces her as farmer's daughter. He skip the part where she was part of the Secret families.

{Farmer's Daughter huh?}

She nodded her head then replied to her. "no worries, I'm Lin, nice to met you"she extended her hands. The girls just stare at it. oops!

Greetings here is different from her world.

Now it would be awkward to withdraw her hand.

She just grab it and force to shakes while smiling awkwardly.

The girl Mengmeng glances over to her then back to Xiao, she was a little confuse.

Xiao realizes the state of her confusion.

"Despite her appearance, she is a Princess who likes to do weird stuffs. Please do not mind her"

Wow! Should he be introducing her as his fiancee but instead he find words that would degrade her. He really is a scum to the bones.

Lou Ren signals them to sit. She immediately grab her chair then sit a little closer to Lou Ren.

Xiao, who sits far off from her realizes her discrimination. " what are you doing?"

He was looking on her.

"Just sitting."

"come here"

"don't want" Just making his appearance makes her suffocate. Opposite to the aura that's Lou Ren is giving off. She feels at ease beside him.

Lou Ren was just observing the unique scene and the stubbornness Bai Shin Lin is boldly showing to his highness.

When he notice something. He look over to Xiao. It seems that he feels it too.

"assassins" he heard Mengmeng whisper in a soft voice

" We have company early in the morning" Xiao declared.

"huh? what company? where the only here" Of them three, he calculated that she is the most weak. And besides that they have a member of the secret families, he was so sure that they will surely go after the farmer's daughter. Which they made a move so early.

Bai Shin Lin who was unknown to the situation couldn't grasp the current situation.

"you'll not gonna move there?" he glared at her.

Her resolve was firm as a stone. She hardly shake her head.

Then he grab her and tossed her over his lap. The most humiliating scene in front of Lou Ren! "Prince Xiao please put me down." she made her cutest face on him. Maybe just a little he would listen to her.

"one more move and I'll kiss you in front of him" when he mention "him" he was surely referring to Lou Ren!

" I know you adore him. "

Her eyes widen. Was she little obvious?

She didn't respond to him. He hit the bullseye.

She's afraid he really would do it. It's this scum's personality in the first place!

After a few moments. A sharp small object landed on their table. Everyone didn't show any shock except her. Did they knew?

"hold tightly" that was the last thing she heard from him. He pull his sword and started to swing in the air.

Plenty of *kunai started to tossed around. However, Xiao was able to revert all of it with only his left hand.

(kunai is a ninja tool. Small like a dagger and can be easily hidden)

One wrong move and they can be hit.

"kyahhhh, are we gonna die?" she scarcely shouted while burying her face over his body. Such strong aroma she could feel penetrating her nose.

What the heck! This is not her time fantasizing. They are in the verge of fighting for their lives.

Xiao, who feels her tense body, decided to drop his sword. then wave his right hand. A loud thunder came out of nowhere and next thing they knew, they were all, safe.

Lou Ren and Mengmeng seems unscathed.

However, Bai Shin Lin, even when in her other world who was frightened the most over a thunder, little by little losses her consciousness.

"Lin!" Its the last thing he heard from Xiao then she dripped unto the blackness of unknown.

Now, she knows the reason why she dislikes him.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》