Naughty Princess and the Gang
7 Secret Families
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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7 Secret Families

As usual Bai Shin Lin woke up late again. She pulled an all nighter just to finish the draft of her first song. She hasn't given up this goal and her first thought while composing it was Lou Ren. She decided that he would be her first member.

First thing in the morning she already strode outside the palace and Maomao said that today is his day off. '

Lou Ren's Mansion was situated outside the palace.

A horse-drawn carriage waited outside while she's preparing to depart. Accompanied by few servant's and guards she went to see him.

A huge mansion with an elegant carvings and expensive ornamental decorations was what she saw and they were greeted by a large number of maids waiting for her. They guided her inside a spacious room which seems to be a living room. A lone table and a seated pillow was lying on the center and from the view there, a beautiful and well maintained inner garden would be spotted.

Lou Ren was already there, when he saw her, he gestured to sit in a pillow in front of him then started to grind tea.

She was intently observing his graceful movements that she's so absorb for a few minutes.

When he spoke, only did she stop looking at him.

"It was clearly stated in the letter what my lady wanted. But before I make my decision, I need to thoroughly review your proposition"

"of course! Tell me what you wanted I'll answer it with my full capacity." She answered in a lively tone.

He look at her intently.

" first and foremost, what is a boygroup? It seems that the idealogy of the word is still not invented in this time. Are they some sort of secret organization that is unknown to the palace?"

"no! no! no!" she said while shaking head. She explained to him the whole scenario without any details that would endanger her identity.

"So, it's like some kind of performers who's singing and dancing? Surely there are lot's of them around the capital. If you want any of them I could book their performance exclusive to you My lady"

(But performing groups in this Era are so old fashion! and the cast are all grown up men) she want's to tell him that. But she can't.

"Mighty Lou Ren,..." she's desperate to recruit him. "why don't you just sign my contract and became my first member? surely you will not regret this thing. " Pretty please. She put up her most sincere look to him. "I am sorry, my lady but what I clearly see, you want me to become this performer. I am suited inside the court. Not some LOWLY performers outside the city"

He really emphasized the world lowly in his statement.

" I see.." she dejectedly put her hands down.

"but you could always try to show me this unique musics your referring to. Maybe if I hear it, Ill change my mind"

It was what she was expecting. Upon hearing she reach for a piece of paper inside her dress. It was the draft of her song that she will be presenting to him. She was about to give it to him but their conversation was stop when a young male servant reach to them and handed to him a thin scroll. She knows it was related to work, so he excuses himself for a moment leaving her alone in a room. She roam around. Trying to find way to kill time. She was mesmerized and amazed with the number of books piled inside the shelves and its when some unknown force put her attention on one of his collection.

She tried to read it.

"History and twelve families" she thought it as a novel a long time ago.

However she tried to read it and it caught her attention. Without realizing she was so absorb with the content of the book.

According to it, there are twelve families whom the great king gifted with supernatural abilities in order to preserve the peace and tranquility of the world. Their sole existence is to banish evil auras that plugged every hearts of the humankind. However during the great war some families sided with the dark-side and ended up fighting among themselves. They fight for a hundred of years until in the end a victor appears. The victor was the only left with the ability and thus given the responsibility to guide every man.

{This book is pretty detailed for a a mere fairytale huh?}

"Are you having caught up by it?" she jolted. She was so absorb that she didn't see him coming.

She immediately put the book inside the self. " Although it wasn't true, it's still worth for killing time"

His head shake. "Maybe some of it are true and some are not. It was part of the history, a hundred year's battle really exist However, there is no evidence that a family with innate abilities really exist..." then grabbing the book in her hands he continue to speak " Hypothetically speaking, if the victor appears, the kingdom would again be plugged with disorder. For many people will come to get his hand. While some people might want him but there are who will kill him."

A sharp chill came down to her spine.

"Surely if his the victor, then he's super strong, he will not be easily killed"

"He will not be easily killed but betrayal will always find it's way."

Holy Moly. {just when did the ambiance become so dark? She just want to recruit members but why does she need to know this fact"

She tried to keep off some unnecessary thought from her mind.

Lou Ren went over then tap her shoulders. "There's still no affirmation whether this 12 families really exist. Up to this point, no supernatural phenomenon recorded in history. You don't need to think over it"

That's what Bai Shin Lin wanted to do. However, the affirmation that he was mentioning before is right in front of his eyes. Bai Shin Lin's existence is a proof that the 12 families really exist.

She handed over to Lou Ren her song, then she strode back home. There are many things that she wants to confirm to Maomao regarding this era and this world.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》