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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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6 Her Family

It was morning. Yet she could hear servants loud steps pacing to and fro. What are they hurriedly busying for? Bai Shin Lin who was on her bed irritably cover her ears with a pillow. She doesn't want to be disturb. Even tough the sun has already risen up her eyes still feel sleepy. She was never been an early riser. In the past, she would always sleep late at night while waking so late in the morning. It was pretty normal since she was a freelance. All day long she coup up in her apartment. She only went outside for get her food and drinks.

She was trying not to mind the obstacles she was experiencing early in the morning when a pair of hand gently tap her shoulders.

"My lady, please rise up your mother is waiting" She pretended not to hear it. Another tap went to her again.

"I said just a moment please....aish!" she wailed and rolled like a spoiled child who didn't get what she wanted. When she look over the servant it was not Maomao. "What the heck where is she?"

Upon realizing she was talking about Maomao the servant replied " Maomao is serving Madam Bai right now. They are in the garden having tea with Prince Xiao" When hearing the Crown prince name, she immediately slump her body to the bed. "Tell them I'm not going, besides it just my mother. I could see her any moment when I want"

The servant had no intention of leaving. Surely they will not leave the room without her.

"My lady, your mother is a precious princess of another kingdom, hence she only visits you once in a while. Mylady don't want the madam to feel disappointed"

When she heard it she immediately stood up.

"bring me my clothes"

The servant was hesitant.

"this servant will bring it in the bath"

She shake her head.

"I'll take a bath after, just bring it to me"

Obediently the servant follow her orders. When she receives the dress she immediately put it. Tied her hair up then look a little to the mirror. "it's great" she feel a sense of satisfaction. However the maids looking at her feels horrible. What if someone might know that they didn't take care of their lady. They would receive punishment and it was something that is unknown to her. She was oblivious of the sentiments that her maids are having for the moment.

Without 10 minutes of preparation Bai Shin Lin strode out of her room. With no understanding of how become smelly she was and even her hair could clearly be seen that wasn't tied up straight, she went with full confidence.

The tea party was held outside the Bai's Residence.

From afar she could see a silhouette of a noble lady that gives off a virtuous charisma. She's facing her back so she couldn't see her face, in front of her was a man. Her mood turns foul when she sees him. She wants to kick him in the face for the things he done to her.

Prince Xiao was casually talking to her mother like a perfect son would be. She snickered when she saw him. She's clearly showing her dissatisfaction towards him. When she reach them she made her greeting and sit beside her mom.

She's still in her early thirties yet the full bloom of youth can still be spotted in her face. She wonders if she turn like that age would she be that beautiful?

"Mother what brought you here? without hesitation she stated her intention. She don't want to inhale the same breath with the man beside her. " you're mother has been worried about you this past month, however i can't visit you dear due to court affairs. Lin'er is there something that is troubling you? you've stop sending letters to me" the adoring lady was full of concern when looking at her. " rest assured my lady, she is well taken cared of. I'm afraid she even became too spoil by me this past few days" it was the Prince who answer that question.

( Screw you! Mom's not talking to you! )it was their only moment yet this intruder steal it for himself.

Her Mother believe him. {mom don't believe his face, you'll be ruined!} that is what she want to tell her. However, she can't spell in loud. The tyrant was beside her.

"I see, if that's the case then I shouldn't need to be worried. Just make sure that you send me a letter every week is that okay."


After finishing her statement her mother's expression turn a little weird. She started to smell her. "Lin'er, I've been wondering since you came, where this smell came from? But when you're too close I could really confirm it. You smell bad Lin'er" she sad while covering her nose.

Did she really smell? oh right. She remembered. She didn't even take a bath for a few days. Of course her hair would feel gross. She made a decision that today is her schedule to take a bath but then a sudden event occur and she postponed it again. If she only listen to Maomao and do it yesterday. Then she won't need to take it today.

She tried to take a few strands of her hair then she smell it. It's not really smelly.

Noble nose is so sharp.

"my dear mother, it seems that i am busy that I forgot to take my bath." she couldn't find an excuse so she just tell the truth. After all in was her mother. "I'll promise that I will take it afterwards"

pfft. pfft pffft. The Prince who was on their side seems to tremble. He's trying to hold his laughter for her.

{Is he laughing for her of not taking a bath?}Surely he would feel gross about her.

Her mother look at her with concern. " Lin'er, just don't forget to take care of yourself. You are not a child anymore that you need parental supervision. Remember your our only treasure. I'll meet with your father after this, so please stay here and have your time with Xiao'er." She winked then elbowed her on the side. Surely she's hinting that she would take her time to be alone with the Prince.

If only she knows.

When they were all alone. That's when the prince turn into ice cold again. He really has a split personality huh? Then he strode turning his back to her. Before making his first step forward, he turn sideways "Today I've seen quite an entertainment. I will reward you for that. I've been in a bad mood since then, now I feel elated. Expect it to deliver at your door tomorrow" then he went away.

She was stunned to analyzed the flow of situation. Did he compliment her? It wasn't. She re-praises what he says earlier. " you've been a idiot and it was fun to watch" She was so sure that it was what he meant.

"screw you!who wants your reward!I don't need them!" she shouted with all her might but the image of a huge built man was nowhere to be found.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》