Naughty Princess and the Gang
5 His rude attitude
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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5 His rude attitude

The Northern Wing. It was the part of the Imperial Palace where the crown prince reside. At some point her servant Maomao has been bugging her to visit him. Crown Prince Li Xiaopeng , is soon to be their next emperor and when the coronation takes place that's when he will pick a bride to be the empress. Bai Shin Lin, though she's the fiancee, knows she will never be pick, so why need to go after him and make herself pitiful.

After some time they reach their destination. They stop first, and some servant enters the room. They waited 'till the servant exited with some announcement.

"The Prince requested to wait a little longer" without any other explanation the servant went back again inside.

Since she can't do anything she patiently waited outside the huge door.

She waited.

30 minutes...

45 minutes...

1 hour.....

Bai Shin Lin already lost her temper! Surely, this prince has no intention of meeting them. It was an obvious act to humiliate her. Then she decided. She won't back down.

With an annoyed look on her face, she went straight to the door, without knocking she head straight inside and to her surprise she saw a living version of adonis.

He has just finished taking a bath when she enters.

With his almost wet long silky hair that seems to radiant as the black moon down to a face that exhibits a masterpiece. And his translucent satin robe exposing a six pack abs, she could feel her knee lost it's strength towards the beauty. How can a man become more beautiful that a woman!

She went straight to him.

Maomao who's on the otherside didn't stop her boldness. It seems she's adapting now to her new self.

" I think i clearly said for you to wait outside" a cold domineering tone filled the air.

Bai Shin Lin felt a little nervious from him. His aura and physical physique is too strong for her to counter.

" please pardon my boldness my lord. It seems I have a prior matters to attend that I need not to be late. So I inform you about this matter"

"you should have gone to it. No need my permission. Next time do not barge in to any man's room without their consent."

tsk. She click her tongue. {you might be the most beautiful person I've met yet your the coldest. How could her past self love a person like him} her mind screams it. She knows this man is belittling her.

She was about to retreat when she heard a loud moan coming across the bed of him. Her intuition is saying not to go there but before she knows it she was already beside his bed.

A young woman with slender body was lying with no clothing that covers her body. Her eyes widened from the scene.

It was suppose a scene where she would explode but it seems for her that it was only a trivial matter. Was it because it was her not her{her means she's referring to the past self}

From the side of her eyes she could still feel the cold stare of the Prince. It was as if he was studying what would be her reaction to the event.

First he humiliated her by waiting her for an hour outside then this happen now. He really sees her as a stupid lovesick lady for him. That she would put up with every malicious action he made.

They are not even married yet he's already cheating! just what would she expect from him in the future.

She compose herself. "I see, so the reason we waited outside is because our prince is busy producing an heir." It was an insult.

She was staring intently at lady who had already change her clothes.

"I hope that after a few days I could already hear a good news. If not it seems that your hardwork would be so futile and I'll be disappointed"

she turn her back and walk towards him.

"I will take my leave"

she bow down to him then walks towards the door.

When they were outside it was when she burst into laughing.

"my lady, what's wrong?"

She was touching her stomach while laughing so hard.

"did you see how cool I was back there ! " insert laughing "they were to stunned by my attitude guess that prince think that I would throw a fit about it! he was wrong. I was so happy today!maybe this whole engagement can be break off!

Maomao's color turn pale. "my lady watch what you were saying"

"Its true. They suited each other and beside, how could you let me end up with a stained man. He suited that prostitute"

"my lady it was Lou Feng. Together with the prince you three grew up together"

"whoever it is, sleeping with a man without marriage is still a prostitution" she gave an advice to the young servant.

Maomao just shrug off.

"my lady, if the engagement were to break off. What would you do. No one would want you. The Prince holds the highest status in society. When you broke your engagement you will tarnish your reputation and even become a lower ranking noble in no time"

Bai Shin Lin shake her head. "My poor Maomao, the world doesn't revolve around the Imperial palace. Who knows there might be other world aside this. we just don't know."she was true. There was other world where she came from but she will not let anyone knows it. Not for the moment even if its Maomao.

"whenever my lady go, I will go" her ever loyal servant declared. Shin Lin was so moved by her loyalty that she even hugged and almost squish her body. She was so happy that when she arrived in this world, she has never been alone. Thanks to Maomao on her side.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》