Naughty Princess and the Gang
3 Bai“s Residence
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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3 Bai“s Residence

Bai Shin Lin couldn't stop herself from giggling the moment the Advisor step out of the Room. It wasn't that Lou Ren's voice is horrible but on contrary it was beyond amazing. Now he has made her a fan. She was imagining as if Lou Ren was some sort of an idol that she was able to hear exclusively for herself!

Man she's so lucky...

She twisted and roll over her bed while hugging her pillow. Aiyahhh!!! She was really on Cloud 9.

"my lady !" an abrupt call lead her back to her reality. She saw the face of Maomao looking on her with a worried look. Then she put her hand over her head checking if she had a fever.

"I told you I'm okey" she counter her dubious look on her.

"My lady's not herself the moment she wake up. Maybe we should call a physician to check on you"

"I am 101% sure that I am really okey. However there might be some trivial matters that I would forget in the future but keep it a secret. I don't want anyone to have against my weakness"

Maomao only nod her head. If this was her lady's request then she would abide it.

When Shin Lin saw this she was able to put her mind at ease, atleast she know's that her servant was loyal to her. It was her intuition saying this.

It was only four day's since she was transported to this world. It was pass to her knowledge that she was currently residing in her parent's manor. The Bai's residence. It was located in the Southwest area of the Imperial Palace. The current Emperor of this country has 2 wives. The Empress was managing the South and West wing of the Palace while his consort is on east wing. Her family being one of the relative of the current Emperor has given the privilege to live within the palace meanwhile her father is a high ranking General of their country.The Emperor has 3 sons. The current crown prince who was born of the Empress and a little Prince of 3 year's old. The Second prince who was born from the consort has the same age as the crown prince. She was so bad at memorizing the names that she only remembers their titles. Maybe sometime later she will be able to know their names.

In the past four day's she haven't seen any of them. Which is an advantage to her. The less interaction she had the less her secret to expose.

She was living truly like a princess and her days is at peace. Just like today, she didn't have anything but to stare over the ceilings of her room. Of course if you're bored you'll find something interesting. Maybe it was the reason why this other version of her has an obsession for her prince.

"what should i do?" she whisper in a low voice.

Should she chase a Prince like what this lady has been doing all this time? No. This is definitely not her.

She rolled on her bed back and forth.

Ahhh, she really want to go to that concert that she was saving for a while.

Cha Eun Woo!

{...i want to see him in person...}she mumbled to herself thinking what kind of punishment has befall on her.

She was thinking her downfall when a sudden idea pooped into her head. And it was Lou Ren who makes her realized that.

"may the good good budda praise you mighty Lou Ren!" She even put her hands together while bowing and saying praises to him. She even repeated it 10 times just to express her gratitude.

If there's no kpop or boyband here, why not create one! Sometimes she could even amazed herself.

What a brilliant idea and she has one member now.

Just imagining his face dancing on stage couldn't stop herself from laughing so hard.

She was acting like crazy and when Maomao heard this she immediately rushed over to her lady "oh no! my lady has gone mad!" she talk to herself. She was quite worried nowadays on how her lady become but she couldn't do anything . She made request on her.


Bai Shin Lin look over to Maomao like a hungry beast willing to devour any person it see on the way. Her eyes sharp like some kind of hungry monster.

"Maomao, ready my maid's outfit, where going to go hunting"

"ekk my lady it's dangerous! "

Maomao protested

"Ofcourse were not hunting real beasts here, oh come on..."Bai Shin Lin only sigh. It was given that this servant wouldn't know what is she up to.

"were going to hunt beautiful rascals"

when she mention it she immediately shove Maomao to get her dress.

However, she remembers that modern music does not exist in this world. There are no microphones nor sound system too! So, how the heck they would perform?! Not to mention if the people will like it here!

Now this is a big problem.

She was feeling ecstasy a moment ago but now it's gone downhill.

She's back to square one again.
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    《Naughty Princess and the Gang》