Naughty Princess and the Gang
1 I am a Princess!
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Naughty Princess and the Gang
Author :laidbackprincess
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1 I am a Princess!

Imperial Palace

500 years ago from her current world

The moment she opened her eyes the surroundings around her change. Bai Shin Lin spotted elegant things around her. From the expensive portrait hanging on the wall, up to the luxurious decorations decorated into the room. Not to mention her bed was quite big and spacious for her.

Think straight Lin! What where you doing before this very moment? She tried to recollect and put up together all the things she was doing before this happened.

All she could remember was she's an awkward unsocialized girl who's living in her hunted looking apartment. Other people considered her wierd habits disgusting and that's why people don't really like her. She only do things what she really feel doing so when her actions goes out of the normal norms that's when people makes weird faces to her.

However, there is something up to this present that caught her attention. She was an avid k-pop lover. Their angelic voice together with their stunning dance moves is enough to make her heart beats fast. She was superduper in love with them.

That's right!

Bai Shin Lin remembered now!

It was when she heard across from the living room that the kpop group which she is currently following has an interview about their ideal types of girl. Upon hearing this she hurriedly run towards the living room not realizing that she step over a peeled banana!

Aw! She snapped ! the next thing she knew she was on the floor.

She was supposed to be in the hospital but why is she here?

"Mylady !!!" A young girl came running towards her when she saw her?

The young girl bent over the bed and stared at her "who are you?" she asked.

The young girl was in shock upon hearing what she said and was about to cry when she stopped it.

"my lady, I am called maomao .and currently your servant. You were drowning from the river when someone saw you. My lady you were lucky someone came and rescued you in time! " with tears between her eyes Lin was able to get the whole picture of the current situation.

Trasmiguration? soul swapping? time travelling? reincarnation? which is it? it was one of the few scenarios in a novel she was reading that might actually happened to her.

"Maomao who I am?"

"you're princess Bai Shin Lin. Distant relative of our current emperor and his highness 3rd cousin. Currently you are also his fiancée and is the crown princess"

Lin was so shocked upon hearing this. So she was an important person here not to mention she has a fiancee!!! She who has never been blessed with men in her other lives has a fiancee not to mention the future emperor of her country! This Bai Shin Lin in this Era is quite lucky.

"uhm, MaoMao so this fiancée of mine?is he handsome?"

Without further ado she went to scrutinized every information about him. Hoping she would get a positive response.

"my lady the prince is considered the most handsome gentlemen in our country. At young age he was able to killed a northern bear during a hunting and he was famous for his swordskills. Everywomen dream of becoming his other half however you mylady was able to grab THAT OPPORTUNITY."

Her ears started to grow big from her statement.

She put her hands over her face and looked over the servant girl with eyes sparkling"

"then…. go on"

Maomao was hesitant she turn her gazed over her lady then on the floor. "mylady you get your position through your guts and connection. My lady is the distant relative of prince hence you have your parents backing you securing your position as his fiancee and you even threaten the prince that you will kill yourself if you wont be his wife in the future. " her jaw dropped.

Just how pathetic this other version of Shin Lin…Just to get her man she even dare to put dirty tricks. Surely a man would definitely hate you for that. Atleast she knew about that. She knew that this girl was never been loved by this prince.

Then she remembered something! She went straight to sitting. "mylady are you okey?" the confused MaoMao was disturb by her action.

Holy cow.

Maybe her drowning has connection to the prince. She thought that something might have happened that's why she was drowning. Even though she has a slight idea of how things turn this way she still confirm it with the young girl

" tell me why I decided to drown myself"

"mylady you learn that the prince is trying to cancel your engagement so you decided to threaten him of drowning in the river. When you learn there was no reply from his highness you proceed with your plan...My lady in the future don't do it again. Even if the prince won't show affection towards you nor marry you, mylady this servant will stay by your side forever"

She was touch by this servants humble worlds.

She sigh for a moment.

This other version of herself doesn't have a grasp of her surroundings. All her world revolves around her petty prince not realizing how blissful she was. Now that she was on this body, things shouldn't go the way it was before. But she should also consider the fact that she should hide her identity for fear of might be expose and put her in danger in the future.

She was busy organizing her thoughts when an eunuch enters their chamber and announces the arrival of the prince.

"presenting his highness the crown prince!"

Lin and Maomao stare at each other.

She panicked. She's still on the process of analyzing her own situation, she' not ready for the real thing to happen!

How should she treat him? Since that the owner of this body is somewhat madly inlove with the Prince it shouldn't be a problem to her. She just need to act like she was super inlove with him like some crazyfan fantasizing her own idol.

Here goes nothing...her so called cuteness overload attack!


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