Mythic Rhapsody
1 Chapter 1
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Mythic Rhapsody
Author :DoggyWanWan
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1 Chapter 1

When you've lived and died once, everything else becomes dull. You have experienced all life has to offer and if you weren't satisfied with that, then I don't know what will.

When you've been reborn after dying, nothing much can faze you.

"Eric, I think we should break up."

With a gaze filled with anger and sorrow, Aria hands me back the bracelet I've given her on our anniversary.

"Okay," I replied, "If that is what you want."

I couldn't recognize the emotion that flashed in her eyes, but as soon as I finished speaking, she withdrew her gaze and hurriedly walks off.

Honestly, I can see this coming. We were simply incompatible. In the first place, I only went out with her to kill time, so it's not as if I've invested a lot of emotion to her.

'I'm not sure about her though. Meh, it's not use thinking out that.'

Pocketing the bracelet, I turned and walked away.

It has been seventeen years since I've come to this world. Seventeen years since I died.

My death was a quiet one. I just slept and never woke up. Maybe it was stroke, or maybe cardiac arrest.

'It doesn't matter anymore.'

When I was reborn into this new world, I welcomed it with confusion.

Waking up in the body of an eight year old with his memories jammed into your head would do that.

I don't know whether it was a merge between the nineteen years old me and the eight years old me, or simply a take-over.

'I don't care anyway.'

What mattered was the difference between this world and my old one.

For starters, my new name is Elric Magat, the only son of Emily Null and Alex Magat. And I'm pretty sure my mother's name is fake since her family name is literally None.

But who am I to judge?

They are good parents, a little doting, but still better than your average parent.

'Trust me, I have two for comparison.'

Mythology, religion, and other stuff like that never became widespread. They are still there, but it was never as pronounced as my old world.

Because of that, there was never really a mega-religion like Christianity and Islam.

Another butterfly is that the technology is more advanced by a few years that my old world. The year is 2000, but the technology available on the market is comparable to 2018 of my previous world.

In terms of people, what really got my attention is the diversity of the people's natural hair and eye color. There is crimson, blue, green, even pink! The same with the eyes!

'It's almost I've been reincarnated in an anime world!'

With a snort, I banished that thought aside. The notion of me reincarnating into an anime world is just too far-fetched.

'If that was really the case, then things would not be so boring.'


As I was passing through an alley, a curious conversation entered my ears.

"Where are you? I have the package here, and one of them is tailing me!"


"Hurry! It doesn't matter how, just get here quickly!"

'Hmn? Interesting.'

My body retreated into the shadow between the crook of two buildings as I pulled out my phone.

Turning on the front camera, I slowly move the lens so that I can see the person inside the alley.

A lean man with scruffy brown hair (shocking!) wearing a black suit and black sunglasses. On his right hand was a black briefcase and his other hand is on his ear with... what seems to be a floating circle.

'Wait. What?!'

Before I can look more closely, thick smog quickly covered the place not only blocking the view outside but also made the entire place so dark it's almost night!

"Well, well, we~ell, wha~at do we~e have he~ere?" A garbled voice echoes out from everywhere.

Some of the smog coalesced a few feet away from the suit guy and slowly turned solid, revealing a guy in a trench coat and a top hat.

"It se~ems that I caught a li~ttle birdie and a rat! Kuehehehehe~!"

My eyes widened slightly as my hands trembled, making me almost drop my phone.

"Huh? What are you talking about?!" Suit guy demanded.

"Hmn? Lo~oks like yo~u didn't understand me then~" trench coat guy craned his head. His reflection and I made eye contact.

Pocketing my phone, I slowly walked out from my hiding spot.

Seeing me, suit guy's eyes widened as the hand clenched the handle of the case.

"What are you doing here kid? This doesn't concern you! Run away qu-ergh!"

A red line blossomed at suit guy's throat, cutting off whatever he is saying.

"Tsk tsk tsk, I wasn't finish~ed speaking, you kn~ow."

My eyes were drawn to coat guy, now with a bloodied scalpel the size of a knife on his hand.

A flash of light once more captured my attention. Suit guy's glowing green hand was hovering a few inches above his healing throat.

"Ptui!" Suit guy spat out a mouthful of blood.

"You'll pay for that! Become one with me, Byakko!"

White sparks danced around suit guy's figure as his hair turned silver and his hands became covered in fur with his fingers turning into claws.

"O~oh! A spirit contractor, and a high aptitude one~" coat guy said as another over-sized scalpel appeared on his other hand.

"But that won't be enough, you know~"

With a flourish, two fountains of blood sprouted from suit guy's chest, intersecting in the sternum forming an 'X' in his torso.

With that, suit guy fell into the red puddle pooling beneath his feet.

"Now what to do with you~"

Coat guy turned towards me. He/she/it/they were wearing a suit that would not feel out of place in the Victorian era and on their face is a comedy mask.

I shrugged. What else could I do?

"Kuhehehehe~" coat guy seemed amused by my nonchalant answer.

I don't know whether that's a good thing or not.

"What a carefree guy~" coat guy suddenly vanished.

I flinched slightly as his face appeared a few inches from mine.

"Tell me," they said as he took a step back. "Are you not afraid that I would kill you?"

"Meh," I shrugged once more. "Of course I'm afraid. But what can I do? Scream? Run? Beg? If you want to kill me, it won't matter anyways."

Crimson orbs bore into my being for a few moments, as if judging my very being.

"You... I like you~" he says as he threw his arms to the side. "Would you like to form a contract with me?"

'Huh? Would you look at that. A contract? Really? What are you, a demon? Although that's really not far off.'

"T-tell me, what would this contract entail?"

"Hmmm? And smart too~, truly, I'm liking you more and more~"

I'm not so sure on what to feel about that.

"The contract is simple~. You'll become my En~abler, meaning that you'll supply me with your energy, and in tu~rn, I'll sha~re my powers with you~"

He held out his hand to me.

"Tell me, will this get get rid of my boredom?" I ask.

"What do you think~?"

Without hesitation, I grabbed his hand.

Suddenly, warmth blossomed out of my chest and moved towards my outstretched arm.

And as if on auto pilot, my lips move and words came out from my mouth.

"With this contract, I offer you, I shall become thy anchor"

Without pause, coat guy replied.

"And I shall be thine blade. Mine identity is Jack the Ripper,"

"And mine true name is #(*$@&^!, and thus the oath is sealed!"

I was forced to avert my eyes as a blinding light covered coat guy's body. When my vision returned to normal, coat guy was no longer there.

The smog also disappeared, returning the surroundings to normal.

A funny feeling appeared in my head. As if I gained another arm or feet.

'Quite an apt comparison my enabler! Our connection can be likened to that of a muscle, the more you use it, the better you get.' Coat guy - no, Jack's voice rang in my head. His voice was no longer garbled and flighty as before. Now, the way he speaks is like that of a cultured gentleman.

'Hmm? Good to know'

I turned my eyes to the dead coat guy. At his side was the black suitcase.

'You should take the case.'

'And why should I do that?'

'Hmm? You want something to destroy you boredom, if I recall correctly.' I nodded at his words. 'This case contains some interesting information. I'm sure it will give you something to do.'

Convinced at his words, I take the suitcase in my hands.

"Quickly, through here!"

As I was examining the case, I hear footsteps and a loud shout not too far off.

'It would be prudent to leave now. I can sense at least three powerful signatures moving towards us. At our current state, it would be unwise to engage them.'

'Very well.'

Nodding to his words, I quickly climbed the emergency exit hanging off the side of the building. With years of practice of free-running, Ass*ssin's Cr*ed stunts are now child's play.

When I reached the top of the building, I crouched down, hiding my figure.

'Let us hurry now.'

'Wait, a few more minutes. Let's gather a few more details about whoever they are.'

'A smart action'

Peering down the alley, I seen five teens, one male and four female, run towards the dead guy.


A lithe girl with brown hair screamed at the sight of the dead guy.

"He's dead." The black haired guy said as he checks coat guy's pulse.

"N-no! This can't be!" Brown haired girl wailed as she cradled coat guy's head.

The other two girls, one with pink hair and one with green, placed their hand on brown haired girl's shoulder.

The last girl, the blue haired one, was looking around.

"Where's the case?" Blunette asked suddenly.

The guy also frantically looked around as the other girls too.

"Whoever have that case must have killed my brother!" Brunette declared.

"We'll find justice for you brother, Airi!" Pink hair said.

"Yes, we'll help you hunt down that murderer!" Guy said as green hair nodded at his words.

Then suddenly, the blunette's head snapped towards my direction.


Wasting no time, I immediately retreated and crossed three buildings before going down an abandoned alley, entering through the side entrance of a bookstore.

'That girl has a high perception. Do you think they followed us?'

'No, I cannot sense them anymore. It appears that they didn't sense you.'

'Really, that's great then.'

Catching my breath, I moved from the backroom towards the bookstore.

"'Sup Lan." I said as I passed the cashier.

"Eep!" The girl reading a book at the counter jumped as I greeted her.

Red faced, she glared at me.

"Elric! D-don't do that again!"

Raising my hands, I replied "Haha... I can't promise that!"

She deepened her glare. Instead of being scary or intimidating, she looked more like an angry hamster.

'A really cute hamster.'

'Hmm? What is this adorable creature?!'

'I'm glad you agree with me.'

Alanna, or Lan as I like to call her, is a rather petite young woman with azure hair and eyes. Despite her teenage appearance, she already graduated college and is the proud owner of this bookstore which I frequent in.

"Anyways, what's that book you're reading?"

Lan's glare disappeared and a bright smile took it's place.

"Oh this? It's a book from the Philippines, written by one of it's Heroes. It's called Noli me Tangere!"


'Something on your mind?'

'Nothing. Just that, it brings back the memories.'


"Oh! Isn't that about Maria Clara and Ibarra?"

"Yes! It's full of intrigue and conspira-"

"Wait!" I cut off her words. If she gains momentum with that motormouth of hers, It will be hard to stop her.

"I still have something to do! Bye!"

With a wave, I hurriedly walked out of the bookstore.

Only to bump into a very familiar green locks of hair.



'can she sense you'

'Only if you're using my abilities, if not, then you'll feel like a normal human.'

'Phew! Good!'

Green hair fell to the ground as I stumble slightly.

Regaining my balance, I asked I she is okay.

"Sorry about that, here" I held out my hand, on which she hesitantly took.

"Once again, sorry about that." I apologize once more.

"Oh, no, the fault is mine." She bowed slightly. "I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

"Hmm? Then let's just say it's both our faults. Anyways, I still have an errand to run, so bye! Pay attention to where you are going next time!"

"Ah! Bye, stay safe!" She replied with a wave.

"You too!" I said back as I kept moving forward.

"What a weird guy." I managed to hear her mutter as I was walking away.

'You think she noticed the case?'

'I believe not.'

'Let's hope so.'


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