Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
1456 If not at the peak, where will he be?
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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Author :凤炅
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1456 If not at the peak, where will he be?

'Senior Brother, are you done with all your business?" Shangguan Wanrong asked Duan Mubai.

"Mmm hmm, all done. Because of the beast tide, many people rushed to gather at the outer area. Since you were not there, I came to have a look." He took another glance at Feng Jiu and spoke again, "Since you're all right, then follow me to the periphery together!"

"Alright, we're on our way to the periphery, too." Shangguan Wanrong made a gesture at Feng Jiu for the two to go together.

Duan Mubai, following behind them, couldn't help feeling puzzled. 

Why did Junior Sister treat this errand boy so differently? They interacted warmly and there was a change in manner. What seemed to be going on between them?

At this thought, he had a strange expression on his face. He suppressed the doubt in his heart and departed with them.

Two days later, the transmission time had arrived. Before they reached the periphery, a vortex appeared in mid-air and sucked everyone in. 

Alchemists throughout all the mystic realm's areas who were still alive were transported back, while those who perished were buried inside the mystic realm for eternity...

When Feng Jiu, Shangguan Wanrong and Duan Mubai were sent out, they reappeared at the foot of Third Sun Peak.

"I'm going to see Master. Go back first." Shangguan Wanrong told Feng Jiu and Duan Mubai.

Feng Jiu listened in silence. She was not qualified to go to the ninth peak, so she kept quiet and just looked at her mother.

Duan Mubai listened for a moment. "I also need to see Master. Let's go together!"

Shangguan Wanrong nodded. "Alright." With that, she looked at Feng Jiu. "Go back and have a rest first!"

"Yes." Feng Jiu replied. Watching the two turned around and left, her eyes flashed.

While walking up the mountain, Duan Mubai couldn't help but ask. "Junior Sister, you seem to like this Feng Jiu? I see you treat him more kindly than others."

Shangguan Wanrong smiled. Her features overflowed with a look of joy and gentleness. "Yes, this child is well-behaved."

He was surprised to see her gentle smile. After a pause, he changed the subject and asked, "By the way, after giving these three herbs to Master, you'd better not go to see Master alone these days."

Shangguan Wanrong's smile faded. Looking sideways at Duan Mubai, she stopped walking and asked, "Senior Brother, do you know something? Are you sure you're not going to tell me?"

Duan Mubai sighed. "It's not that I don't want to tell you, but I don't know where to start and how to say it." He shook his head. "I just want you to be more careful and pay more attention when you come back to the peak."

"Mm. I see." She answered and continued walking.

Duan Mubai glanced at her and stayed at her side. "From now on, if you want to see Master in the future, please call me."

Shangguan Wanrong smiled without giving him any reply and looked at the entrance of the ninth peak. With her eyes flashed, she asked, "Senior Brother, tell me, what is Master working on right now? Will he be inside the peak?"

"Master often refine pills in seclusion. He rarely goes out. If he's not in the peak, where will he be?" He looked at her with a slight surprise and felt that her question was somewhat strange.

"Right, if not at the peak, where will he go?" She whispered and walked inside. When she entered, Duan Mubai, who followed behind her, was blocked by the two Nascent Soul cultivators guarding the peak.


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