Is it love
25 Budding Love
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Is it love
Author :Dave1302
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25 Budding Love

At that time her face was all hot and red in embarrassment, she ran as fast as she could.

She thought am I that easy to read, what if Kevin read my facial expressions and said the same thing as Tracy?

It is said that the person who likes each other have something in common, here both Kevin and Ana are very conscious about themselves. Both of them think the same thing that is, do they reflect their innermost emotions directly on their face?

Ana didn't stop even for a minute and ran from college to home. As soon as she reached, she stop took a deep breath and opened the door.

There she saw Kevin sitting in front of the main gate, on the staircase waiting for her. At that very moment Ana's phone vibrates, she sees Kevin for a moment and then opens her phone.

It was Tracy, she sent her the message saying,

"Don't worry about your crush, He will surely accept a proposal from a cute girl like you.

Why don't you come to visit a Bar with all of us, we are planning to go to the Bar and there I could give you some tips on how to flirt with a boy 😋"

Ana was still not calmed after hearing all that from Tracy, then suddenly she drops another bomb.

"Whose message is that and why are getting all red while reading it," said Kevin in curiosity.

Ana in a strange tone said,

" UH!!


Nothing!!, It's nothing


It's just a message from my senior, she is calling me to go to a party with her friends."

"Oh, that's great.

You should definitely go with them, you will get the exposure to all these parties and better don't reject your senior's proposal. God knows what they might do.'

Ana in nervousness typed yes onto the message and sent it to Tracy,

Later she was regretting typing that but then suddenly her mobile vibrated again,

Surprisingly it was Tracy.

It looked like she was waiting for Ana's reply,

She replied about the time and the date of the party.

"Why don't you get fresh and have lunch, I made something special today"

Inside Ana,

'Why he does things like these?

Why he always cares about me?

Today again he made something special!


I can't let things go like this,

I have to make him fall for RIA and that's my sole purpose from now on, because of me RIA got upset and it is my duty to bring things at the right track.


Also, he keeps doing things like this,

If he keeps taking care of me,



At that time Ana realized that there was a budding feeling of love inside her heart.

Thinking that Ana stopped for a moment, she was daydreaming while standing in front of Kevin.

Kevin stood up, went close to Ana and snapped his fingers.

Ana suddenly came back to reality and seeing Kevin so close to her she got nervous.

She ran upstairs and went straight inside her room,

seeing that Kevin got confused.

But then he shouted, "Change your clothes and come downstairs to have your lunch.

Don't get late otherwise, your lunch will get cold!"

A few moments later Ana changed and came downstairs,

Kevin already arranged food for her and was waiting for her and her without saying a word went straight to the dining table and started eating lunch.

With the first bite, she took, the blissful taste of the steak spread inside her mouth.

It was the first time she ate a steak this well-cooked but she didn't complement Kevin even ones.

She thought, ' I have to make him hate me,

I'll do everything that will let him hate me.

I have to remove my thoughts from his mind then only I can make him fell for Ria.'

Kevin was a bit upset, he was expecting Ana to compliment him the same way as she did when he first made Chicken Broccoli Rice for her, but this time she didn't say a word.

Kevin in an annoyed voice said,

"You can at least ask the special reason for why I make this dish"

Saying that he pouted and turned her face,

Unconsciously he copied Ana's behavior because Ana also does the same thing when she gets mad.

Seeing this Ana smiled and thought,

' I can't ignore him like this,


He looks damn cute when he pouts like a girl and I bet he doesn't know himself that he is pouting right in front of me.'

While smiling she said,


Tell me, what's so special today."

"You know, today a boy named Ian asked me for help,


He has a crush on Ria, and he asked me to help them come together.

Isn't that great!

Now Ria will not be alone anymore, also that guy is smart moreover he is our class topper.

He is a bit weird but still, he is good at heart and after talking with him I can confidently say that he will be good for Ria."

"Are you mad or what?


What if RIA got to know about all this, she will definitely get upset." Said Ana in a loud voice

"Hey wait!


Don't get mad, I didn't say a thing to Ria also I will not say Ria directly to accept him, it's totally her decision.

I will just bring them together, I have called him in our house for a group study on Friday.

Why don't you meet him and confirm yourself."

Ana was a bit calm but still, he was mad at Kevin's action.

She said, " we'll see, how that guy is."


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