Infinite Power Within
12 DUTY................... 2
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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12 DUTY................... 2

I responded with a bright smile and we entered the room and found that the younger students have already started to warm up so we got changed in a hurry and started warming up with them. Sir instructed us to do the regular routine to loosen up our muscles before we start with the daily practice for the competition. It was really boring yet necessary. On the outside I always showed that I was very confident and sure about what I was doing in the class but I deep inside I was very nervous because I was healthier/fatter than other kids and that made me feel insecure sometimes, but it also made me feel good because many slimmer kids had all pumped up muscles so were less flexible than me, it feels quite good when you can amaze people, doesn't it?

I was going to perform for the first time in an inter-school competition and I was scared to hell as Mun-Mun was not with me in that competition because of some issues at home. I didn't expected to bond with any of my juniors at that moment, then we were called to change into our yoga uniform and get ready for the competition, while waiting a junior of mine who was of the same age as mine yet one class younger started talking to me, in the beginning I didn't feel very comfortable but then with time we mingled well together as she started cracking jokes and I started to love to her sense of humor. It made me feel a bit at ease as I had someone to talk to and I let out a sigh of relief. While waiting for our chance we saw the performances of the participants in different categories and I was in awe as I saw how flexible a girl was who was performing in the singles category...I adored the way she carried herself and performed with such elegance. I thought to myself that only if I could be able to be as graceful as her, and I felt a spark in my heart and urge to...................(to be continued.)
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