Infinite Power Within
11 DUTY............. 1
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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11 DUTY............. 1

I slammed my hand on Abby bag with a lot of pressure and shouted "HEY!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??!!" seeing me all angry they started laughing and then I realized that I hit my leg on the hammer as I did what they wanted me to do and that was REACT!!! , so they got more enthusiastic and joyous and continued to pair me up with that Ditch guy.......well it really upset when they were saying all that bullshit about me but it was only at the end when I was getting down from the bus that I realized that all of my tension caused by the Coach's words was GONE!!! and then I smiled to myself and thought to myself (thanks guys for making me feel better even without all that horrible emotional touchy lines!!!)

When I got home with Sue , I told all that happened in the school to Sue on our way home and he laughed like hell and then asked me in a mocking way "Shelly , tell me one thing." I responded by just a "hmmm" because I knew that he was going to say something silly , he asked "Is your coach blind ??" He started to laugh out loud. I started beating him up and he run towards home as fast as he could. As we reached the home Mom just opened the door and Sue pushed the door and run in , I was behind him and he was shouting "MOM , please save me , MOM!!!" As mom saw all the chaos she said "hey you two whats going on?" I reached home just as mom finished the sentence and shouted "Mom , look Sue is teasing me! Today I will kill him! " Mom stood between me and Sue holding my hands and asked me "What happened?" I told her everything and then she too laughed and said "Well Shelly this time I agree with Sue , I can't help but laugh as you are irregular and lazy , how could your coach ask you to keep your juniors in discipline? Your juniors are sure going to be the naughtiest ones then if you will not do anything , just like you!! " she started laughing again. I was tired of fighting with Sue so I got ready for the institute and at 9:00 PM we were home , at supper too the topic was same that I was asked to take charge of something...... My dad was the one who laughed the most and they all were mocking me and laughing , I laughed with them as I can't refuse the reality and what they were saying was the truth so I started laughing at myself and it felt good to know about myself , even if was not good but still that was the reality and the truth!!

The next day when I met Mun-mun , I told her my family's reaction and she said "It was kind of same at my home too " we both laughed at ourselves for sometime. Then I said "Lets try" and Mun-mun said "Yeah its worth a try , right?" I responded with a bright smile and we entered the room and found..............................(to be continued)


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