Infinite Power Within
9 New space in my LIFE............................... 3
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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9 New space in my LIFE............................... 3

I thought to myself "Shelly, what have you done?" Then suddenly the pin drop silence spread in the room was broken when the door was opened by the ma'am whom i saw at the SHC , everyone was looking at the door then and I took a deep breath and sat down without being noticed. Ma'am entered the room and distributed the modules to the class and took the attendance and left , then the class continued and by my luck no one seemed to pay attention to what i said before , or at least i thought so.

The class filled a different kind of enthusiasm in me and i was all boost up and ready to study. But just as every year it ended up shortly and i was back on my regular behavior , I was sure trying to get good marks and perform well but the results were okay and i was satisfied as i was not very much concerned about it. School was going on well. I and Richard were not getting along well , he was cold towards me and didn't used to talk to me much . But only , now and then, when he needed something or wanted me to do something for him. Whenever it was a holiday in the school , we used to go the institute for studying , from morning to evening we used be there , like 12 hours a day. I started to love it , i started to know many people there , i made many new friends , wherever i used to go in the institute everyone started recognizing me and greeted me with a warm smile. There was this girl who was a dropper and a regular student at the institute and a very good friend of mine , we used to talk for hours and have fun , share the stories of our life , eat snacks in the recess together and so on.....we became pretty close friends. Our group consisted of many boys and girls , I was the youngest and all the others were mostly from Sue's class , ofcourse Sue was in the group too. We all occupied a whole room in the institute and no one even dared to enter our room , we were like the rebels but the rebels who were good at studies too. Most of the friends of Sue and Sue himself were good at studies , they used to help me with my homework and the topics i didn't get , my grades started to improve a bit. There was this guy in our group whom i used to call Tower as he was the tallest guy in the group , he was not good at studies but he was the mood maker and the one who used to tease me all day , he used to call me 'baby elephant'.

One day i was upset because of something that happened at school the day before so he came and sat next to me and said "Hey , what happened to my baby elephant ? Why is it sitting like something bad has happened ? Don't worry baby elephant I will not eat your lunch today!!" and he started laughing out loud and seeing him laugh like that i couldn't stop myself from smiling. While smiling i said "Oh tower , you can't even eat my lunch today because i didn't bring one!" He looked at me in shock and took my bag from the back and said "really?" in disbelief . I nodded and said "yeah , today I am like you , without a tiffin." He glared at me for a moment and then suddenly said "Oh so thats why my baby elephant was sad!!"


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