Infinite Power Within
8 New space in my LIFE........................ 2
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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8 New space in my LIFE........................ 2

I went inside the class and for my surprise the class was empty and even the lights were off. The gate of the classroom was just next to the blackboard. I entered the class , put my bag on the first seat as Sue told me to , then i found out the switch board which was at the back of the classroom so i switched on the lights and fans. As i was doing that one boy just peeked into the class and stood their looking at me and i was all moved because he was looking straight at me!!! he asked me "is this R4?" I nodded my head slightly and said "yes" , he entered the room and sat at the 2nd bench , behind the bench were i put my bag , took his mobile from the pocket and started playing a game , i stood still their and then realized that i should go back to my seat so i just moved hurriedly and asked him "the time of the class is from 4'Oclock , right?" He just nodded his head in disagreement , i was shocked and thought "Sue you are going to be killed today by MY hands!!" He said "it is from 5'Oclock to 7'Oclock" i just said "oh" while taking a copy out of my bag. I didn't even bring a single book from which i can read or study from and i decided that i will take a stroll in the building and find the Student Help Cell (SHC) but then i stopped near the window infront of the staircase because i didn't dare to move around like that at my first day. Slowly students started coming and everyone was new so everyone asked me where the class was and i regretted my decision to sit on the window pane , but it was a lot better outside than sitting in the room filled with unknown people , it was suffocating me because i can't sit where people are just like robots or machines. But as the class time was approaching i decided to go to the class and as i saw , a few girls sat next to my bag and i was happy because i would have been horrible if some boys would sit next to me on the first day as i am really shy personality to start with. They all were talking slowly so i said "Excuse me , this is my bag , i was sitting here , can i join?" They said nothing and moved the table in the front so i can get in. I sat and put my bag on my lap and tried to start a conversation because i thought it might help me feel comfortable in a room filled with stranger but it went smoothly . I made 2 friends on the first day , they are - Nicky and Daisy. They were nice and i thought that maybe we will be very good friends.

The first day was all introductory , teachers introduced themselves and then we all were asked what is our name , name of the school, interest , what we want to become and hobbies , it was quite fun but when it was my turn i was completely blank as other's answers were really amazing and teachers appreciated them too , but seriously i didn't have anything in my mind , i was thinking very hard and then i decided to say just what poops in my mind. I was also thinking that "i don't want to look like a crazy girl on the first day!!! and the first impression is the last impression!!!" Then it was my turn , I stood up and said "Good evening sir , my name is Shelly , I study in Rushmore Academy and my interests are playing any outdoor game , i love doing yoga and aerobics , hanging out with friends , doing art and craft work and helping my mom at home. Truly speaking i don't know what i want to be i life , but you tell me if we knew what our future is going to be like, then wouldn't it be like a video-game??!!" Everyone was looking at me and i was standing there motionless , even the teacher was not saying a word and looking at me blankly , i thought to myself"Shelly what have you done?"............(to be continued)


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