Infinite Power Within
7 New space in my LIFE................... 1
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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7 New space in my LIFE................... 1

It was my first day to the institute and i rode on my bicycle to the institute with Sue it was roughly 2-3 km away and the weather was quite good that day. Riding the bicycle next to me Sue said "Shelly , it is pretty different from the previous tuition classes which you used to go , so work hard as the number of students here are very high and you have to work really hard and perform good in the class as well as in the test otherwise the teachers won't recognize you and you will get lost in the crowd." Sue was really good at studies and used to help me , so i listened to him carefully but replied in a careless way that "It doesn't matter Sue , I will just be me and teachers will notice me because I am different . So don't worry about your me and put all your attention on your studies because you have to do well in exams and you have to appear for the national talent search exam (NTSE) too this year , so best of luck with that!!!" I said it in a teasing manner and rode my bicycle at a high speed leaving Sue behind , I knew the way so it wasn't a problem , i was thinking "will I really be able to make my identity or will i get lost , will i be able to make friends ; will i be the worst student ; will everyone make fun of me ." Then i realized that i am thinking too negative and i gathered myself and just as i was going to look back for Sue he did a cut or skid in front of my cycle and i fell off. As i fell Sue came running back , picking me up he said "O-oh , I am very sorry" I was completely irritated and angry , he sensed it by the way i was staring at him, he then lifted my bicycle up , i was dusting my clothes and bag, he repeated "I am really very sorry." I looked at my watch and said it okay lets go, it was obvious with my expression that i have not forgiven him but i was not going to get late on my first day and i decided to calm down and thought "i have all the time to teach him a lesson . I am leaving you now Sue because I need your help to get settle but wait until then and i will return to you everything with bonus. ". We parked our bicycles at the club building and walked to the institution , as in the way there was a big square and my parents were worried that we might get into an accident so my dad took the permission from the receptionist that we could park our bicycles there.

As i entered the institute building the guard standing on the entrance asked me to punch the card so Sue told him that i was new , so the guard said pointing to a big book which was kept on the table right next to the entrance that "make an entry in it and write your name , in time and out time in it regularly till you get your card , okay?" I nodded my head in agreement. I filled up the entries and then Sue said pointing to the right where there was a big white board that "check the room number of your class everyday here" then he rushed and said "come your class is in Room-4 (R4)"

I followed him and then he pointed me a classroom and said "this one , i am late , i am going first" then he rushed to the staircase and went upstairs. I went inside the class..................(to be continued.)


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