Infinite Power Within
5 A Stranger....... 1
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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5 A Stranger....... 1

That transfer student arrived at the school and was all confused that where should he stand and what should he talk about but still had that spark of self confidence in his eyes.

As i got down from the bus and joined the class line for the assembly , I noticed that there was a new guy standing beside me and his uniform was all new and crispy . I looking at him top to bottom noticing every single detail and reading his body posture I was able to say that he is a very self confident , composed and calm person. It was his first impression on me i guess. Scientists say that we have our first impression of any person just after 20 sec of watching them.

After the assembly we walked to our class and today teacher was is going to change the sitting arrangement of the class because our class is being called the most naughtiest and noisiest class in the entire school.

As we entered the class , teacher was standing at the table and asked us to line up in the back of the classroom , then she started to separate our group into individuals and made the arrangement in such a way that we all are spread across the whole room and no one is sitting together from our group. I was just praying that i should sit beside the boy or girl i have good relations with or with whom i can talk freely and do not create an awkward situation of both of us. In the meantime teacher called my name, "Shelly , SHELLY!!! are you listening? Go sit beside RICHARD." I stood at my place without making a move , all confused , then she said "Next to the transfer student Shelly."

I didn't felt good nor bad. I made my way to him and saw that he was sitting on the 4th bench in the middle row, I chuckled as i saw Mun-mun on the 5th bench. I thought to myself that "Its great Mrs. Patrica forgot about us , that we are besties and we were the ones who got scolded yesterday because we were talking the whole time in the mathematics period." Mun-mun was sitting next to our friend Avi who had a secret crush on her from a while then , so I just looked at him and winked and he smiled shyly. Then teacher called Richard for his introduction to the class , he said "Hello guys , I am Richard , I transferred here from Seattle. " Everyone in the class started looking at me and I couldn't help but blush, (well I am a native of Seattle). He continues "I love football and I hope we become good friends and make a lot of good memories together . Please take care me." He then bowed and came back to his seat or should I say OUR seat. The teacher then said "I expect everyone of you to help Richard as he missed out the previously taught chapters and especially you Shelly , help him out and don't trouble him . He is good in studies so if you help him now then only he will help you later. In friendship it should be a two way relationship , do you understand? " We all said "YES teacher" in chorus.

After the first period was over everyone started to talk about how much they didn't like the sitting arrangement but I and Mun-mun were really happy , Richard said "Hi , you are Shelly , right?" I was looking at him and said "yeah , you know my name as teacher was yelling at me before." He smiled and said "Yeah, and I just want to ask why was everyone looking at you or should i say staring at you when i said that I was a native of Seattle?" Mun-mun interrupted and said "Oh that, she is also a native of Seattle that why." He was indifferent and said "oh" and then returned to his own studies, while I , Mun-mun and Avi kept on talking about the sitting arrangement. After a few periods I noticed that..............(to be continued.)


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