Infinite Power Within
4 Beginning of my TEEN..............Perhaps 3
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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4 Beginning of my TEEN..............Perhaps 3

After the games period it was the period of second language and the teacher was well known to us because he has been teaching us from last 3 years , so in that period he told us that we should concentrate on our studies and blah the meantime i was lost in my own thoughts.....I always dreamed of being the girl who read novels and is caring and who is loved by everyone, but I i was afraid of being myself because i thought that everyone will think that am a nerd and will not like me , so i gave up on the thought....the teacher took notice of me and a chalk gave flying towards me and hit me hard on my forehead, i squeaked "ouuch" and he said in an amused tone "hey!!! sleeping beauty get out of your dream and tell me what was i talking about?" i stood there gripping on the desk with embarrassment. He said in an amusing tone because he knows me well and he is used to me not paying attention in class, my pet name in school is 'Sleeping Beauty', it was given to me by my mathematics teacher last year.

Next was our lunch period, in this period we all walked in our class lines to the lunch hall , where the lunch is served for us by the school. The lunch is not very good but is not that bad. I have been in this school since nursery so i got used to it. The people working in the school mess started recognizing me and the head Charles sir loves takes care of me like his own daughter. When he saw me he greeted me with a warm smile and said "How are you , Shelly? Its been a while." I smiled back and walked to him and said "I am doing great! How are you? and you daughter, how is she?" His daughter was 2 years older than me but in other school, he said "everything is good, eat well!" and then went back to his work, then I joined my friends who saved a place for me and sat covering a huge place in the middle of the long table in the lunch hall. Nothing special happened other than this on the first day of the school.

A few weeks later........

Our class teacher Mrs. Patrica announced that a new transfer student will be joining our class the next day. And I didn't knew that this person will be the first person in my life to make me feel butterflies in my stomach.


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