Infinite Power Within
3 Beginning of my TEEN.......Perhaps 2
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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3 Beginning of my TEEN.......Perhaps 2

I rushed out of the house shouting "Sue wait for me" , we usually raced to our bus stop and the feeling of winning was awesome!!! though we didn't get anything but still that feeling was so good. The bus usually came to the stop at 7:30am . Our stop was the last one on our route to school and the first when we returned from school so i was lucky. Our school is 15km away from our home so it took 30min it reach it. There ate these 2 boys named Abby and Andy whom I know from childhood as they take the same bus and we all are really good friends. They are one year junior than me but our age is the same, i am studying one year ahead. They both take care of me in school but tease me everytime. They love messing with me i guess. I got on the bus with Sue and sat beside Abby and as the bus started they both started talking about the new session ahead. Abby said "So shelly how are you and how were your holidays? ". I said "It was good , I went to my granny's house for the summer holidays and enjoyed a lot with my cousins." Andy said handing me a keychain on which there were hearts and the picture of a building which I don't know the name of , "I went to Singapore." I exclaimed and took the keychain from his hand and said "thanks bro!!!!". Then we talked about our vacation and upcoming plans, then we reached school , as I was getting down from the bus I was searching for my friend Mun-mun in the courtyard of the school. I found her and then made my way through the crowd with a big smile to her and hugged her tightly and said "Good morning!!! How are you girl?" She hugged me back greeted with a warm smile and said "Good morning Shelly, How are you? I am good" Then we joined others for the assembly and in our class line Mun-mun stands behind me because she is JUST a bit taller than I am and our headmistress and vice principle greeted us and said a few things to motivate us and start a new year full of energy ans positivity , just like every other year. Then we went to our new class , there were 10 benches in each row and 3 rows in total and met our new class teacher who was waiting for us in the class room, her name was Mrs. Patrica Joseph and she is our new english teacher. We have heard a lot of thing about her, that she is very cruel and strict, but our first meeting was quite good as she remembered me as I met her the first time when i accompanied my brother and parents when the parent teacher meeting(PTM) held for my brother the last time, so she greeted me with a warm smile as i said "Good morning, Ma'am" . We sat on the third bench in the third row. Our class teacher did the roll call and then we read our first chapter and she gave us our time table, and we were so happy to know that our 4th and 5th periods were games periods!!! 1st- english , 2nd- maths , 3rd- physics , 6th- second language , 7th- lunch , 8th- chemistry , 9th- activity period , 10th- biology.

The whole day we didn't study much , many teacher were new so it was like an introduction day. But the most interesting part was the games period when our girl gang gathered in the back ground and we all were discussing about our holidays and the other stuff when some girl said that "I am very happy!! I am going to be a teen this week and my mom dad said that i will have all of my freedom and will get a new mobile and be able to do all the stuff that i wanted to do since i was a child!!". Everyone started to tell about their wishes that they want to fulfill as a teenager. But then something suddenly strike me in the back of my head that i was one year younger than everyone so I will not get to enjoy my teen.....??? I said "But age is just a number, right?" and then each girl in the group stared at me like i killed their cat and said in a chorus "NO! not the teenage." Then Mun-mun covered for me and said "she means that we all are going to enjoy our teenage together and we will do all the fun and crazy stuff that we have ever dreamed of!!" everyone resumed to their own talk and i took a deep sigh of relief and thanked Mun-mun. She garbed my hand and pulled me out of the group and said "hey, chill I know what you are thinking and you will enjoy our teenage with us this year till you reach your teenage Shelly." and I felt like a child who got a chocolate after crying for so long, then we played badminton for sometime.


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