Infinite Power Within
2 Beginning of my TEEN....Perhaps 1
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Infinite Power Within
Author :sharvani_sakuru
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2 Beginning of my TEEN....Perhaps 1

I am 12 years old and I am studying in 8th standard right now. My daily schedule is that I wake up in the morning between 5:30 - 6:00am and if I don't find my brother beside me.....I start to shout out his name....."Sue , Sue , Come here!!!" his name is Sunny but I call him 'Sue'. He is my life and he loves me back like hell , I mean in positive sense. He wakes up earlier than me daily and if someday i wake up before him and he is lying next to me asleep the I hold him tight and sleep with him cause I am very lazy to be the first person to get up, though i won't be the first person to wake up cause my mother wakes up early in the morning at 4:30am to clean the house and make us breakfast but still i am very lazy and sleepy all the time so my brother is the one who wakes me up first usually. "Yeah, you are awake, get ready we are going to be late" Sue said as he was doing his daily chores in the living room. I am the one who makes him late every day according to him but actually I am well planned 😜 cause i get ready in time. Then he comes to the bedroom and shows his smiling face to me in a sarcastic way and said "see how handsome I am" and then rushed out of the room again. Then I wake up and do my daily chores like bathing and all and then i get ready for school but before we hit the road for our school bus there is this time when my dad is feeding me my breakfast, Sue is putting socks on my one toe and my mom is making my braid. Then i hurry up and shout out for Sue "Hey, bring my history book from the bedroom and in your way fill up my water bottle too" Then he do as i said without a word because he got used to it in last 10 years of our school life and now he is completely he does my chores too usually then i put some of my breakfast into his mouth and left the house wearing shoes and shouting " I'll be back soon , love you , bye " kissed my mom and dad on the cheek.


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