I Am A Prodigy
501 Unending Phone Calls
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I Am A Prodigy
Author :Rugao Under The Bridge
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501 Unending Phone Calls

The explosive ratings set off turbulent waves everywhere, like a storm.

Be it on the internet, television channels, amongst renowned directors and casts or investors, everyone was taken aback by the shocking ratings.

Many people recalled what everyone said when predicting iPartment's ratings. It all turned out to be a big joke!

The comparison between For My Love and iPartment was the most laughable one of all.

What did they predict?

Below 0.5%… 0.5% to 0.8%… 0.8% to 1%…

Many people felt that iPartment was not as good as For My Love, but reality gave everyone a big and ruthless slap.

None of those options were correct, but that was what was put to everyone for a vote.

No one managed to correctly guess the result of the votes and no one predicted the ratings of iPartment correctly, since there was no option of choosing 2%! It was analogous to a question where there was no right answer to begin with!

In fact, it was normal not to reach 2%.

Rather than being the negligence of the operators, there was no necessity to put such an option.

It was already considered good for a television series that was released at the same time as others to reach first place. For slice-of-life comedies such as iPartment, getting 1% could be said to be a miracle, so why was there any need to consider 2% an option?

Completely unnecessary!

Getting 1.5% was already impossible, let alone 2%. Everyone were professionals who had been on television dramas for countless years. They knew the trend well and their estimated ratings were accurate to eight or nine times out of ten. Be that as it may, life was full of surprises.

iPartment shocked everyone's eyes and shattered everyone's thoughts.

In an environment where the ratings of slice-of-life television series were only around 0.7%—where getting 1% was already considered a success—iPartment emerged out of nowhere and achieved a rating of more than 2%.

Under everyone's disdain, Durian TV's rejection, and the ridicule as well as the lack of optimism from the market, Actor Y once again slapped everyone in the face!

No one understood why he rejected Tencent Video's high price offer for exclusive broadcasting rights, but at that moment, everyone was admiring it secretly in their hearts. As far as the current situation was concerned, even 60 million or 70 million was possible, let alone 50 million!

The most enviable aspect was that iPartment's had very low production costs. Very, extremely low! It was definitely the lowest among all television series during the same period.

There were no highly-paid actors, no photoshop technology, and no blockbuster special effects.

Records after records shook the entire internet.

The doubters were all duds!

The mockers were all silent!

It seemed as though they only remembered who they were facing at that moment!

That was Y! When did Y let ever let them down? It was a name that excelled in creating miracles.

The media reports were overwhelmed!

The major news outlets were in a frenzy!

Tencent News: [Actor Y: Once again, he shows everyone what Y represents!]

Toutiao: [Banana Station strikes big! Singer Y and Actor Y are helping each other take off!]

Entertainment news: [The dawn of slice-of-life comedy! Can the miracle continue?!]

Tieba's homepage: [iApartment reached 2%! What sorcery is this?]

World Network News: [A miracle? No, this is a Godly miracle!]


Inside the entertainment company.

Xiao Feifei looked at the ratings on the internet and her pupils dilated suddenly. She raised her hand and proceeded to cover her mouth in disbelief.

"This... How is this possible?" She could not believe it herself.

Ye Lingchen raised his brows slightly. "What's wrong? How much?"

"It reached... it reached two percent!" Xiao Feifei's voice trembled a little.

"It reached two percent?" Ye Lingchen did not understand and continued bluntly, "Just tell me if the result is very high? Is it the first among the other simultaneous releases?"

"Yes! Of course, it is!"

Xiao Feifei glanced at Ye Lingchen speechlessly and her face was flush with excitement. "It completely crushed all simultaneously released TV series, but it's not just the simultaneous releases. In the past two years, the only TV series that ever reached two percent was the one you acted in!"

"Not bad." Ye Lingchen nodded. As expected, it did not disappoint him.

"What do you mean not bad? The internet is now calling it a miracle!" Xiao Feifei rolled his eyes at Ye Lingchen and could not help but chastise, "Do you have to be so calm?"

Ye Lingchen grinned. "As far as my talent is concerned, I'm not surprised to achieve this result."


Xiao Feifei's cell phone rang.

"Hello, Princess Xiao, I'm from Tiandu Daily. Can we arrange an interview?"


 "How about today?"

"There's plenty of things to settle these few days. I'm afraid it won't do."

"No problem. Another day then, depending on your time. By the way, congratulations!"

"Thank you."


Just as she hung up the phone, the ringtone rang again.

"Hello, Princess Xiao. This TV series is amazing!"

"You flatter me too much, Chairman He."

"It's not much! It's not much at all. I called you because I want to make amends for what happened last time..."

"It's no big deal."

"Princess Xiao is big-hearted. Our Durian TV was in the wrong and we sincerely apologize. I'd have to trouble you to relay my message to Actor Y and ask for his forgiveness."


Xiao Feifei hung up and looked at Ye Lingchen. "Lingchen, Durian TV is here to make amends."

Ye Lingchen nodded casually without speaking.


Xiao Feifei's phone rang again. It was her best friend.

"Feifei, you're really busy today. I've tried calling you lots of times."

"I'm only a bit busy today. The calls have been few and far between after I quit the film and television industry."

"Hahaha, the ratings are over two percent! This is such a big slap to everyone's faces! Some of their faces are even swollen!"

"Teehee, it's okay."

"Ah, ah, ah! What do you mean by 'okay'? It's obviously breaking all conceivable laws. I too, dream of making a TV show that reaches two percent, no, even one-point-five percent is enough for me. You can look for me next time, I'll waive the actress fees."



On that occasion, it was Ye Lingchen's cell phone that rang.

"Hello, Young Master Ye, this is Li Tai." Director Li's voice was heard and he was shaking with excitement.

"Hehe, Director Li."

"Young Master Ye, you're really amazing. The whole crew is going crazy!" Li Tai said. "You could say that I've been a well-known director since my debut, but it's only after I met you that I could produce two TV series with ratings exceeding two percent, plus another movie that has become a classic. Thank you so much!"

His voice sounded a bit like he was choking and he was extremely grateful that he chose to follow Ye Lingchen.

He had finally realized his dream!


In a flash, Xiao Feifei answered a dozen more calls.

There were people from television channels.

There were newspaper reporters.

There were many of her close girlfriends.

There were also plenty of advertisers.

In fact, it was not just Xiao Feifei who received calls—the actors of iPartment were also receiving a barrage of calls.

Ye Lingchen was overjoyed. It was the right decision to stay hidden behind the scenes. At least there were not too many people who would harass him...


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