Era Of Kings
5 Choose A Path
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Era Of Kings
Author :BurningSkies
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5 Choose A Path

"Come on mom why are you crying... I'm fine see?"

While Avon spoke he started shifting his body around.

"Shut up, what was wrong with you why did you have to scare me like that?"

Avon didn't really know what to say because he didn't have the slightest clue of what was happening, he was just trying to comfort his mother.

"Alright, Alright he's fine everyone can go back to what you were doing before"

The villagers wanted to say something or ask what was wrong with Avon but before they could the chief was already sending them home.

"That includes you too Kaur"

Even though the chief had mentioned her by name she didn't really seem to care she just continued to hug her son while humming a lullaby.

"Nothing was wrong with him. he was just sleeping, he might've been in a situation where he couldn't breathe so he didn't that's all now go back he'll stay here for the night"

Kaur paused for a moment then continued humming.

Avon could only force a smile.

"Mom I really am fine I was just dreaming that's all"

She still didn't move, the chief could only take a deep breath before playing his final card.

"I want him to take Alaric Trial again"

Both mother and son were stunned.

"Don't look so surprised I never said he'd never be able to take the trial again did I?"

Kaur was the first to react.

"You said you'd let us know when he can take it again but I thought you were just trying to comfort us"

The chief's face revealed a broad smile.

"Exactly and now I'm letting you know so shooo"

Kaur wasn't known as one of the nicest women in the village, in fact, it was the opposite, her mouth spewed nothing but venom

So with a well-known personality like that, it was a surprise that when the chief shooed her she didn't get upset but smiled instead.

"Alright, I'll go back home, when I see you this time tomorrow you will be a man"

When she was almost through the door she stopped and turned back to Avon, no trace of her smile could be found anymore.

"Last time I said those words you came out as the same runt as before and even started pissing the bed.....If you fail again I no longer have a son"

After saying her peace she walked out without giving Avon any chance to reply.

"I thought she'd never leave, that mother of yours even when she was a baby she's always been this way.....anyways kid what happened in your dream"

Avon was slightly taken aback.

"Why are you asking about my dream?"

".....Answer the damn question"

Avon thought about it for a second, he couldn't really think of any reason not to tell him so he recounted everything that happened in his dreams.

"....I see, how long have you been having those dreams"

"Not long I guess before it was normally the same dream over and over again, I'm in an endless wasteland"

The chief didn't say anything he just stared at him without moving, after a minute or so he got up and walked out of the room.

"Let's go, we're going to the temple"

Avon froze for a moment but only for a moment before he caught up with the chief.

Alaric's trial is something that is mandatory for everyone in the village once they reach the day of adulthood but if you fail you can try it again whenever you want but if the chief was to recommend that you retake the trial its considered a good sign since the chief would be the one with the greatest awareness of Alaric.

"Are you sure that now is a good time?"

Even though he already had it in his mind to try the trail again he still wanted to make sure that this was real.

"I already said it didn't I"

The chief said that without turning around to look at Avon.

His head was slightly lowered like he was in deep thought.

"Uhm chief...."

Avon stopped walking.

"Hmm what is it"

Avon didn't even bother responding instead choosing to point at the building he was standing in front of.

The temple was built like a circle with a cone-like roof made out of leaves and small twigs, surrounding the outer layer of the temple were many different flowers some even growing on the outside of the temple.

"Never mind that let's go"

Once again the chief just turned around and walked off without giving any explanation.

The path they were walking on was the one leading behind the temple, normally the villagers are only allowed to go there on the after their day of adulthood and never again after that but Avon was going there and he wasn't even considered an adult.

Avon wasn't really sure what to expect or what it was like since no one has ever told him what it was like, simply telling him that he'll know when it's his turn.

After walking for a little bit they came upon a fork in the road, both paths pitch black, so the chief stopped and looked back at him completely serious.

"Where would you like to go?"

Avon was at a loss for words.

[Dark path in the forest, commanding old man hope you didn't forget to wear your chastity belt this morning heheheh.....]



"What do you mean by where would I like to go?"

The chief was obviously annoyed by the question.

"Do you always ask so many questions!? Just pick a damn path!"

'what's he getting so upset for?'

Avon thought for a second but couldn't decide both paths were pitch black he couldn't see anything beyond the beginning of the path.

"I don't know..."

The answer only seemed to turn his annoyance to anger.

"Just pick one now!!"

"Fine. That one"

Avon pointed at the path to the left.

The chief just ignored him and walked off massaging his temple.

The moment he stepped on the path the flowers slowly 'woke up' and started letting out a small glow, individually it didn't seem like much but putting all of them and it was quite a site to see.

When the flowers started 'waking up' they all glowed with different colors, small bugs of different shapes, sizes, and colors started flying around.

With the glow of the flowers, he could only see very little of what was in front of him, he still couldn't see what was further away at the end of the path.

The chief didn't bother waiting for him he just continued walking without looking back, once the chief took a certain amount of steps the flowers behind him would 'go back to sleep'.

When he stepped onto the path the same thing happened the flowers 'woke up' and once he took a few steps ahead the ones behind him 'went back to sleep'.

"Where is this and where are we going?"

The chief didn't react to the question at all he just continued walking like nothing at all was said to him.

Avon wasn't feeling anxious or worried but even so, that didn't mean he doesn't want to know where he's going especially because as he continued to walk he felt like he was going uphill and he knew that there were no hills this close to the village.

As he continued walking the hill started feeling like he was going up a small mountain it was taking way too long and he could feel the path getting more and more inclined.



Avon was at a loss for what to do because he still couldn't see the end of the path even now.

About an hour into the journey the path still felt like it was getting more inclined.

The entire hour time going up he tried talking to the chief several times but got ignored every single time.

It wasn't until another two hours that he finally found out what was at the end of the path.


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