Era Of Kings
1 Era Of Kings
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Era Of Kings
Author :BurningSkies
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1 Era Of Kings

"Papa tell us a story"

The person who just spoke was a little girl who looked to be about eight years old, she was currently tucked in a bed with some bright floral designs on it, not too far away on another bed in the room was another little girl who looked exactly like her, she also chimed in.

"Yes papa tell us a story"

"Mhmm....What kind of story would you like to hear?"

Their father was a man who stood at about six feet and seven inches, even while he was sitting on the side of the bed his height wasn't something you could miss, his face couldn't be seen clearly because all the lights in the room were off, the only source of light was the moon outside and the little bit of light seeping in from the door that was left slightly opened but it still cast a shadow on his face.


"Yea anything!"

At the prospect of hearing a story, both of the children got excited.

They had already become a bit giddy and were twisting and turning in bed a little trying to suppress their excitement.

Seeing the excitement written on the face

of his children he couldn't help but smile at them affectionately but only for a second before he feigned confusion.

"mhmm, I can't really think of anything how about you tell me what you want to hear about an I'll tell a story hmm?"

Both the little girls stopped fidgeting around and started thinking seriously.

"ahhhh I can't think of anything, can you think of anything Anna?"

"No, I can't"

"Then I guess you guys won't be getting a story"

After saying that the man got up off the bed, even though he could see the disappointment in the eyes of his children he still didn't change his mind, he really didn't want to tell a story.

"Why don't you tell us about where you grew up"

It wasn't one of the two little girls who were still in bed that spoke, instead it was a teenage girl that looked no more than fifteen years old standing in the doorway looking at them, the light from the passage was still on so when she opens the door she could be seen clearly.

Although she was still just a teenager she was incredibly beautiful her jet black curly hair was shoulder length, her caramel skin was absolutely flawless it didn't have the slightest blemish on it, her eyes were bright brown that looked like they had been through countless lifetimes.

"Why aren't you in bed?"

Hearing the question the teenage girl immediately started to pout and stomped her feet

"Father can you not treat me like a child!? I'm already a hundred and eighty-four years old!"

The man couldn't help but laugh as he watched the actions of his daughter he found it very amusing.

"Hahaha aren't you still a child?"

"hmph stop trying to change the topic!"

The man still pretend as if he didn't hear what she had just said.

"Look at you, Look at you all grown up now"

"Now you finally see- Dad!"



His children refused to fall for his tricks. So all he could do was give up with a sigh.

"Why are you so curious about where I grew up all of a sudden?"

Seeing their father finally giving up the twins sat up in their beds while the girl who was standing in the doorway got in bed with one of her sisters but her other sister was feeling lonely in her bed so she went over to the bed they were in.

"I overheard a few teachers talking about it something called the 'Forgotten Era' and I remembered that when It was my hundredth birthday and Uncle Kai came over in the night both of you started talking about your childhood and it sounded similar plus you never talk about where your from or even how old you are"

The man didn't say anything he just looked at his teenage daughter while intern all three of them looked back at him.

After a few seconds, his expression slowly started to change into an innocent confused expression like he'd just been wronged, then he spoke.

"Do I really look that old to you? like someone who would've lived through a time that was being called the 'Forgotten Era'?'

All three of his children were left speechless for a moment before they answered in unison.


"Hahahahaha...little Bastards....ugh fine"

When he said that the man stood up and walked up the bedroom door to close it.

Looking at him clearly with the light that was coming from the passage, every move he made had and sense of refined elegance to it, his face could finally be seen thanks to the light from the passage, he was incredibly handsome with the same caramel complexion as his daughters but could be considered ruined there was a vertical cut over each of his eyes.

His eyes themselves were also strange, unlike the bright brown eyes of his teenage daughter, his eyes didn't have any pupils or irises instead his eyes had an opaque color to it.

Once he closed the door he sat on the empty bed smiling at his children.

"Alright I'll tell you a story of when I was younger, I'll tell you about my ups, my downs, my disgrace, my glory, I'll tell you everything without leaving anything out"

His teenage daughter had started to get a little bit excited.

"So where are you going to start from when you were a few hundred years old or a few thousand?"

When the man heard this his expression froze before laughing

"I forgot that we're practically living in two different worlds now"

"What do you mean?"

With her father's mysterious response she couldn't help but blurt out her question.

"Heh I'm going to start my story from when I was sixteen"

Even though she looks extremely calm when he said this his daughter was incredibly surprised.

"Weren't you just a baby then papa?"

One of the twins was the first to speak up while the other nodded her head to show her agreement with what her sister had just said.

"That's right father why would you start the story from you infancy?"

His teenage daughter couldn't help but also ask but all he father did was shake his head and his index finger.

"Tsk tsk tsk"

He hadn't spoken all he did was shake his head and say 'tsk' so she eventually had to speak up.

"Father if you're going to say something then explain already!"

"What are you getting upset for can't I build up suspense for my own story?"

The three girls were once again left speechless.

"Your generation has no appreciation for the dramatic, when I was sixteen I looked slightly older than you Elisia and in terms of maturity your far ahead of where I was but that's to be expected since your so much older than I was at the time"

All three of the girls were left speechless again.

"Father you must be joking, when the twins were sixteen they barely knew how to speak but when you were sixteen you were as physically developed as I am?"

His teenage daughter, Elisia found what he was saying very hard to believe, she was a hundred and eighty-four years old but when her father was sixteen he had the physical development of a almost double centenarian.

"Believe It if you want but where I was born was a completely different place from where we are now, there's no comparing the two but if not for you kids I would give all of this up in a heart beat and just go back there again"

"Wow papa it must have been great there, why don't all of us go back and visit as a family"

All his children had a look of wonder in their eyes for their father to love somewhere this much it was clear to them that it must be an amazing place.

"I would love to do that but that place no longer exist..."

When he said that his voice had gotten a bit softer and his face had a pained look but due to the darkness of the room his children couldn't see it even so that look only lasted for a second or two.

"Anyways stop interrupting the story or I'll never be able to finish it...where was it?...yea sixteen.... mhmmm...So yea I was around during that era your teacher called the 'Forgotten Era', to be more precise I was born around the middle of that Era, it was an amazing time to be alive it was a time for the young!"

His kids were even more excited now.

"Wow papa it sounds amazing"

"Yea father it really does"

All the man did was laugh in response.

"It wasn't, it was horrible.....but if you had the drive and knew what you wanted then it was an amazing time to be alive, it wasn't as heavily saturated with all the filters that existed today you could run amuck if you were clever enough to escape what would come after.... ahhh good times, oh yea it wasn't called the 'Forgotten Era', that's just something that people came up with filter and water down the information over the past few millenniums. It was called the 'Era Of Kings'"

"Era of Kings?...."

"Yea but where should I start..."



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