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Akatsuki System in Another World
Author :Iwalkthestars
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10 Ten

~Magical beast Forest, Divine Star Continent

Powerful energy fluctuations bombarded him, though he was protected by his own personal aura he still barely could hold on. The ferocious bear bellowed. His anguish intertwined with hatred.

"The female ferocious bear transferred the entirety of its bloodline essence to the bear. Once a magical beast reached rank two, there lies a possibility of it undergoing a quantitative evolution; this beast has bypassed that possibility by absorbing its mate bloodline, which purified his."

The system continued. "There are three sub-realms associated with each magical beast rank, unlike nine sub-realms for humanoids," lectured Akatsuki. "Lesser doesn't mean less strength, magical beast are naturally blessed. Yes, their cultivation seems slow, but their base are always stable, their Qi essence is vibrant, and stronger."

The bear sadness was great but it's hatred toward humans risen to the peak. "Ryu Hwedo, before you is a ferocious King Bear. No matter what, you must defeat it!" Demanded the system.


Mission-No matter what, you must Kill the Ferocious King Bear.

Reward- Random Secret Technique.

Failure- Death

Notes: Akatsuki has demanded that you defeat this formidable foe. Show her your three yeast hasn't been wasted.

He too released his own aura, it was scarlet with tinges of black, it had the appearance of a blazing bonfire. His eyes open wide, an indescribable power flashed out, briefly behind him a blurry figure appeared.

"Despicable Human!" The king bear bellowed. 'It had vocal cords?' He thought.

"How dare you murder my mate! Arghhhh!" The king bear looked savage and would cause countless people to despair.

"No matter what I will devour you. I will consume cities worth of your kind. None shall be spared!

Suddenly the bloody aura surrounding it held brown tinges. It meter wide paw Rose skyward.

Earth Descent!

The king bear paws spread wide, sword length claws glimmered. The chunk of land rumbled. His toy like Shukaku became oppressed by the magical attack. His scarlet eyes looked up. He made a few hand gestures.

Sand Manipulation: Desert Suspension.

Sand rose from the earth. He stood on the sand platform. The land mass above rumbled, an earthen hue exuded from it. The shadow soon shifted again. The attack had once again been sent back. This time it had magical properties behind it.

With a savage glint in its large eyes; the king bear paw became a fist and with decisive and swift motion, hammered it down, the area surrounding the beast became sunken, and the once land mass, that was like a prehistoric meteorite descended.

Hum! His sand platform ascended. He closed his eyes. His aura properties shifted, then they became baleful. Suddenly, an archaic looking black scripture snaked around his visible exposed extremities.

"Die! Despicable human!" Roared the humanoid King bear. The meteor slammed into the Shukaku replica, neither the boy nor the golem could be seen. Yet, underneath the oppressive meteor was Ryu and his Absolute defense technique. It was then the golem began to form legs as it height increased from two meters to three and a half. .

Ryu face had a grimace. The archaic scriptures swam across his body. His Sharingan blazer and begun to spin rapidly as he pulled all the power he could out of his body. He he. clapped his hands together, a bell like ring could be heard. The golem body groaned, as its placid face turn into a snarl. This was amazing! This was a battle between the powerful beings. This was a cultivation world, only those with strength could meet such power..

The sand construct mouth opened, a groaning sound that traveled across the battlefield. Ryu bellowed. His voice intermingling with the golem.

"Send that bitch back!" He directed. The Toy-like Shukaku arms quivered, before the meteor was spearheaded back. Their match was like a volleyball game.

The Ferocious King Bear stumbled. The powerless human youth was full of surprises. Suddenly, a cold glint flashed in its large yellow eyes. Earth magic exuded from its body. It was reinserting its control. The meteor froze, again. It hung in the air, from the ground it had the appearance of a moon. Soon, it descended. He wasn't aiming at the youth. He was about to destroy the battlefield, bolstered by magic, weight, and gravity the topography was bound to be changed today.

"You fucking goaltending bastard!" Ryu said angrily. He was irritated and tired of this huge technique. It was taking much out of him. His sand platform landed on the massive brimmed hat of the replica of Shukaku. He raised one set of arms, the sand construct mimicking him.

"Damn old dog. Take this!" Sand pooled in his hand before turning into a two meter in length spear, as before sand formed around the sand replica hand, it to created a spear, one on a larger scale. He made sure to use the remaining strong minerals he dug up. He also added some gold and iron sand into its formation.

Like a Olympian he tossed the spear toward the King bear. The replica six meter spear was sent toward the meteor.

Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku.

The Ferocious King Bear released its savage aura again. The bloody aura swirled around its large figure. It released a mighty roar, it reverberated throughout the region of 'Magical beast forest'. It's anger knew no bounds, the beast roar was filled with bestial vehemence and animosity. The decibels even visibly shaken the air between the two.

The surrounding region erupted in commotion. Hundreds of weaker magical beast planted neck whirled around. 'This aura. Whose its themselves on the ground, whimpering and shaking slightly. The stronger beast far & wide cast their gaze toward the site.

Upon scanning the area, the powerful beasts taking back by what they saw. A magical bear beast was battling a human, not just any bear beast, but an evolved beast, and it was one of the lieutenants.

But a beast submerged in greens and earth was keenly starring. It was the quadrant boss. It had bewildered appearance across its vicious looking face. 'How was he able to use the rare form of earth system, one that was quite powerful and versatile. Sand. And not just regular sand, but gold, and assorted metals we're intermixed. 'He must have a bloodline, maybe even multiple,' this beast body began to rise, it was quite large, it had a slender neck, and spines along its back, it was a mix bloodline beast, it held strong greed in its eyes. It's vicious maws started to saliva. But a painful presence bombarded its mind. Like a limo dog, it landed back down.

A loud snort that reverberated across this quadrant of the forest. hundreds of beast planted themselves against the earth, submissively. The boss of the quadrant eyes dimmed almost instantaneously; it looked toward the centermost region and shook feverishly.

Hierarchy of the magical beast Forest is one King rules, each region had a boss, each boss had three lieutenant subordinates. The magical beast forest made up 90% of the divine star continent. It must be said that the Divine Star continent by itself is three times the size of earth.

Humans and magical beast have been at war for eons, their dispute as one would think was over land; disputes happened almost daily, settlements, even enclaves of humans being destroyed overnight wasn't strange, it was in fact normal. Humans were not a natural species to this continent, like the other sapient species they hailed from the myriad connecting dimension.

Magical beasts hardly combined hands outside of their quadrants, unlike humans, Beats didn't care about being of the same racial background or species, because of this magical beats and humanity were at a stalemate. Earlier, the boss of the quadrant was about to act, which could lead to the possibility of alerting a super experts of humanity. The king noted the human boy, and even could tell he was special, and the unmistakable aura that lingered around him. The king didn't know that unmistakable aura was actually Akatsuki. He assumed it was a super expert hiding in the void, overseeing their young master training. It was logical. Also, powerful magical beast, and humans couldn't act without impunity, their battles could lead to a grievous lost of a region, or a kingdom.

It wasn't as if they chose to sit out, it was the fact that if they made a move then the humans super experts would make one too. In the beginning the rule wasn't in place and unimaginable amount of life was lost just by the two sides super experts engaging in battle.

Rarely, did super experts engage in battles, each decided allowed their younger generation, humans would wipe out regions; magical beasts would destroy cities, especially settlements, which populated the outskirts of humanity controlled land.

Inside the centermost region of the quadrant a cat like eye opened. By glance one could see that this magical beats was humongous; it had growth around it, one could discern it slumbered for hundreds of years at times. The lone viable eyes was somewhat lazily blinking. A cloud moved from above allowing more light to penetrated inside this magical beast den. One could now see myriad of colorful of scales running across a slender serpentine head. This magical beast was the true ruler of this quadrant, this was the king. It was land wrym; which was a half dragon like existence, this particular species lacked wings, which drastically cut its power in half, but it had a sturdy body and held a quarter of ancestor dragon-like aura


"Despicable human!" The bear bellowed, as he attack was zeroing in. Its body began to bolster and bulk up considerably. The beast soon became was a staggering four metes tall with almost matching girth. The large magical beast made a single step, which caused the earth to sink.

Above the meteor began to descend, it speed of descent almost doubled. It was as if some unknown force other then gravity was causing its return to earth with upmost haste. In actuality, it was the earth system magic of the beast.

Earth system user had a semblance of gravity manipulation, they could also cause their earth attacks to hardened, expand, or detonate. Earth system users were highly thought of, one could defend and attack, with the earth under their toes they had almost unlimited supply of source.

With a wave of its paws the bear called for the lingering attack to quicken. With its defense bolstered and its attack descending upon the earth like a meteor our man Ryu Hwedo Ultimate Head Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku zeroed in on their respective targets. The other was meeting the island in the air. Both Spears made a whistling sound as they cut through the air aimed at their respective targets.


His attacks made contact simultaneously


The toy-like Shukaku avatar ultimate attack spear pierced through the falling earth like a hot knife through butter. While it passed through the earth easily. It made the fallen boulder shake violent before it exploded into thousands of pieces.

It was then the bear hands intertwined and it slammed into the piercing spear. The spear was knocked from course,It impacted miles away, sending earth and trees spiraling around.

Ryu smiled as he received notifications for killing multiple beasts.

"Damnable human! I'll grind your body to paste and devour your soul. Even, with that I will not let you off! The Ferocious King Bear growled towards the small human in distaste. Although it spoke intelligible like this, it still had not moved, all around them mini meteors rained from the sky. The two starred at each other between the fallen debris.


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