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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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14 Death

"So it was that black light, huh?" Aguin murmured as he recalled the 'black light' that integrated with Yun Che's soul when he died. Just from the magnitude of the power that it is releasing, it should not be just some devil soul that appeared out of nowhere.

Aguin turned his gaze to Jasmine with concern and care in his eyes. Noticing his gaze, Jasmine also looked towards Aguin and was momentarily stunned at his gaze. She can sense the concern and worry of Aguin for her when she looked at her gaze.

"Bring Cang Yue out of here!" She woke up from her daze as she heard his powerful voice resounding in her ears. She said softly at Aguin, "B-but-"

"Don't worry about the restriction of Sky Poison Pearl!" Aguin replied at her seemingly knowing what she was thinking. Blue and red hexagonal magic patterns glittered at his eyes. He knew that further exposure to this aura would bring bad effects on Cang Yue and specially on Jasmine who is in her soul form. It was obvious even for him who didn't know a thing about devils.

A red small hexagonal magic pattern slowly appeared at Jasmine's hand as it glittered. The moment this inscription was carved at her hand, she felt her connection to Sky Poison Pearl get broken. Not only that, this little magic from Aguin also allowed her soul to become stronger every minute giving her strength in the process.

Jasmine nodded her head at Aguin as she slowly turned her head towards Cang Yue. If one can see Jasmine right now, complicated emotions can be seen in her eyes. She approached Cang Yue as she carried her out of this place. She looked back at Aguin for a bit and flew away.



Meanwhile, Yun Che's aura is getting stronger every second as the black aura around him condense like a mist that covered him. A weird looking eye slowly formed at his hands, it looked demonic and evil as the eye slowly opened and released a purple glow that brought Yun Che's aura to another level. This aura filled the room but didn't leaked further as Aguin used his aura to stop it from leaking out. If it did leak out, one cannot imagine the repercussion it will have towards the citizens in the imperial city.

Aguin have longed retracted his aura that was pressuring every being in the continent that made the cultivators around the continent heaved a sigh in relief. They still cannot help but ask themselves just who released such aura that made even all the profound energy around the continent tremble.

The one who released that aura is currently approaching Yun Che at rapid speed. His speed made it look like as if he teleported. Aguin then grabbed Yun Che's head and gripped it hard seemingly afraid of slipping Yun Che's head away from his grip.

He flew out of the window with Yun Che at his full speed towards the sky. He flew further and further as they almost reached the space. Aguin halted his movement as he released his grip on Yun Che's head.

Yun Che who's been sleeping all this time had his eyelashes flutter the moment Aguin released him. His body slowly floated backwards from Aguin's position. The space around his body constantly shuddered from the pressure he's currently emitting out of his body.

Aguin then used one of the skills he acquired last time, "Way of Destruction: Kurohitsugi!" as he smiled that he didn't expect he would use it on the 'bastard' in front of him.

A black space appeared out of nowhere as it slowly expanded to the point that it occupied a 100km radius of space. It then covered Yun Che as his body was forcibly teleported inside the sealed black space together with Aguin who's currently looking at him with excitement and fighting intent.

This black space will block any sense of probing from the people from upper realms and also will suppress Yun Che's devilish aura from leaking out. This space would not collapse unless Aguin deactivated the skill or at worst.. he dies.

Yun Che's pair of eyes suddenly opened as an ominous glint continuously flashed at his eyes. He then looked at Aguin while smiling evilly. He gripped his fist as his cultivation base slowly rocketed up to..

True Profound Realm

Spirit Profound Realm

Earth Profound Realm

Sky Profound Realm

Emperor Profound Realm

Tyrant Profound Realm



Divine Master Realm

Divine Extinction Realm!

"Hehe. You will pay for the things you have done to me, bastard!" Yun Che said in a hoarse voice that seemed to came from the deepest nine abyss while smiling evilly.

BOOOM! Another extremely frightening aura appeared around the sealed black space that immediately clashed with Aguin's own aura. The aura is filled with death and destruction as it seemingly contained the power to crush the heavens and earth with just a stomp.

The moment Aguin felt the aura equal to his strength, he gripped his fists as fear and excitement flashed in his eyes. Red and blue hexagonal magic patterns fully lit up in his eyes as he fully activated his 'Ultimate Stigma Eyes'. He knew it himself that he wouldn't be able to win against Yun Che who has combat experience and he's not even sure whether this guy is Yun Che or a devil god from nowhere. He can only try and give it a shot.. To avoid further troubles, he must cut off the roots.

The 'Yun Che' across Aguin gripped his pair of fist as he felt the accumulating power within him that has enough power to smash the upper realms with ease. More space cracks started to appear around Yun Che that seemed to be pulling him to somewhere. This should be the space crack that every newcomer in Divine Profound realm would encounter. However, Yun Che only waved his hand as his hands released a black energy that forcefully closed the space cracks that wanted to pull him up to the upper realms.

Yun Che turned his gaze towards Aguin as he said in hoarse voice with heavy killing intent, "You will pay for what you have done to me!" as he disappeared from his position.

'Right' The Ultimate Stigma Eyes helped Aguin predict his opponent's attack as he dodged immediately. A pure black knife with flames moving around the blade appeared out of nowhere as it pierced the place where Aguin was standing.

He involuntarily shuddered from the fact that if he did not have his 'Ultimate Stigma Eyes', he would have died by now. His eyes shone in determination as he immediately prepared himself for another attack from Yun Che.

Yun Che appeared beside Aguin as he attacked mercilessly with his hands that is covered with pure black demonic flame. Aguin fully utilized his advantage of having truth orbs as he used it to block the attack. He jumped back at the same time he used his truth orbs to block Yun Che's attack.

"Crack" One of the six truth orbs he summoned cracked rapidly as it completely vanished from the place. Now, only 10 colorful rings and 5 pure black orbs floated around Aguin's body. Aguin felt his heart race as he recalled the attack right now, he knew that he was only lucky to dodge that.

Aguin can feel his hand trembling from the experience he just go through. He resolved himself to use one of the overpowered abilities as he muttered, "Rinnegan!" A ripple pattern suddenly occupied his left eyeball completely. Red and blue hexagonal magic patterns in the right eye. His current appearance right now looked so badass. His 'Rinnegan' and 'Ultimate Stigma Eyes' complemented each other as Aguin's prediction abilities were brought to another level.

He looked at Yun Che as battle intent flared in his right eye. Aguin's pair of hands changed as a golden dragonic scales covered his hand completely. A golden dragon appeared behind Aguin as he took the initiative to attack Yun Che. The moment he punched towards Yun Che, the golden dragon also took its stance as it punched the air.

The pure black aura around Yun Che flared up as he also sent his own punch to block Aguin's attack.

BOOOOM! The space around them completely shattered as their punch released an extraordinary shock wave basting everything apart around them. Fortunately, they were on Aguin's Kurohitsugi or else a country might have been erased from the map of Profound Sky Continent forever.

Aguin remained unmoved at his position while Yun Che took a step back from his position. Aguin then looked at Yun Che as he used his fingers to taunt Yun Che, "Come on!".

This gesture made Yun Che furious as he stormed towards Aguin while punching him with all of his might.




Yun Che sneered at Aguin as a pure red fire and pure black flame covered his hand. He shouted with all of his might, "Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!" as the attack appeared in front of Aguin.

Aguin snorted as he used one of his abilities. He roared with dominance, "Golden Dragon King Dread Claw" as he attacked Yun Che with all of his might.

BOOOM! Both attacks met each other as it created an explosive shock wave. It tore apart the air and the space shuddered from their attacks. Black fire and red flames can be seen everywhere the sealed space.

Aguin and Yun Che looked at each other intently as their body disappeared at the same time and instantaneously appeared in different place every second. Looking closely, it seemed as if their fighting at extremely fast speed as even light cannot keep up to them making them invisible.

This fight made Aguin fully utilize his 'Scholar Heart' as he gain combat experience rapidly from this exchange between him and Yun Che. It made him more excited as anticipation can be seen at his face while fighting with Yun Che.

The invisible fight between the two of them suddenly stopped as their body appeared at opposite direction looking at each other intently. Aguin disappeared that made Yun Che raised his eyebrows as he readied to block. Unfortunately, before he even had the chance to take his stance.. Aguin appeared at his side and punched him at his stomach.

BOOOOOM! Yun Che coughed up blood as his body flew away with an air blast accompanying him. This air blast is abnormally stronger than normal as Yun Che felt his ribs crack from the impact. This is because of one of Aguin's innate abilities from his Golden Dragon King bloodline which is the ability called Golden Dragon Shockwave that allows him to generate a massive power of vibration making his attacks 150% stronger together with 'The End' working.

Yun Che tried to stabilize himself as he knew how dangerous it is to be disordered. However, before he even had the chance to stabilize himself, Aguin appeared below him as Aguin punched with all of his might that made his body flew upwards. He coughed up more blood from this exchange as he felt his leg bone break from the might of Aguin's punch.

Aguin disappeared once again as he appeared above Yun Che and smashed Yun Che's skull with all of his might. "Crackk!" A cracking sound resounded the air as Yun Che's head bled while he wailed in agony.

However, Aguin didn't gave him a chance to recover as he teleported in front of Yun Che again and punched him in every parts of his body which released shock wave everywhere in place. Yun Che cried in pain as he received every punch of Aguin.. It was like Goku's transmission technique where he'll beat up his opponents so badly with his absurd combos.

He gritted his teeth as he ignored the pain and completely stabilized himself which made Aguin stop his tracks. His body right now is beaten so badly that his bones were all broken even with his devilish power reinforcing his body every second. He realized that even with his strength.. he can only accept defeat while fighting Aguin. It was his fault in the first place that he didn't used Aguin's lack of combat experience to finish him off in their first exchange.

Aguin looked at Yun Che with disappointment and disdain as he felt that Yun Che reached his limit. He gripped his fists as he recalled the life and death fight he experienced which made his blood boil. He finally realized just how exciting and thrilling it is to fight someone to death. His Rinnegan disappeared as a flower-like pattern replaced it.

The flower-like pattern in Aguin's eyes slowly revolved as Aguin's energy rocketed up that released an energy blast that made Yun Che step back. Fear slowly crawled in his face as he finally realized that the guy wasn't even serious when fighting him. Little did he know that this move is Aguin's final resort to kill him completely.

[ Warning! Warning! ]

[ Warning! Warning! ]

[ Warning! Warning! ]

Aguin then shouted with supremacy in his tone, "SUSANO'O!" as a gigantic, humanoid avatar appeared around his body.

"Clank, clank, clank!" A sound of metallic object forming filled the air as a gigantic samurai-like being stood behind Aguin. It's light blue body emitted otherworldly strength as a golden aura slowly covered it completely. Aguin was brought up to the crystal in it's forehead which enabled him to gain complete control over the avatar.

[ Ding! Host has forcibly entered 'Pseudo-True God Realm ]

[ Host must stop this ability or else your body won't be able to handle the toll. ]

Aguin only ignored this notification as he only knew that this is the only way to end this. He knew that even if he barraged Yun Che with his attacks.. This guy might be able to escape with an unorthodox technique so he can only do this.

He felt as if his body might completely fall apart any moment now. His eyes shone in determination as he gazed down on the 'bastard'.

Aguin then commanded Susano'o immediately, "SUSANO'O: CLEAVEE!" as it raised its sword and slashed downwards to Yun Che.

[ Warning! Warning! Warning! ]

BOOOOOOOOOOOM! An extreme loud sound resonated within air as air got torn apart from the slash. Space completely collapsed within the whole sealed black space just from the force of this attack.

Yun Che's complexion darkened while looking at the gigantic sword slashing at him. He said in a hoarse voice, "Devil Arts: Dark Flame Spear!" as a spear made of pure black flame emerged above him.

"BOOOOOOOM!" Yun Che's spear touched Aguin's sword as it created an extremely massive shockwave capable of destroying everything including space and time.

Yun Che coughed up blood as he felt that he can't block it any longer. His hands finally gave in as his hands completely got disintegrated from the force of Aguin's attack.

Aguin's attack continued to slash towards Yun Che as it brought an insane momentum together with it that made the space completely unable to fix itself.

The sound of blood spurting resounded in the sealed space as Yun Che wailed in agony and pain from the pain. He felt his strength leaving his body completely which made him immobile from the place. Aguin slowly approached him with calmness in his gaze as he grabbed Yun Che's head and lifted him up to the air.

Aguin then muttered, "Kanashibari no Genjutsu" as his eyes shone like a crimson blood moon. His hand is clutching into Yun Che's head right now can't even struggle from Aguin's grip.

"Kanashibari no Genjutsu" is a skill that makes the opponent caught in the illusionary world created by the user. The victim is tormented with the sensation of having spikes driven through their limbs, taking away their body's freedom.

"ARRGHH!" Yun Che then felt the world darken and distort as he found himself in a completely sealed dark space. He looked at the millions of sword, speak, axe, etc.. in front of him in fear as he cried for help but.. no one answered him. He cried in pain louder and louder as he experienced the greatest torture in his life. It was so painful that it made his mad and insane mindset waver as fear gradually overpowered him.

Meanwhile.. Aguin who was watching Yun Che tremble and shiver heard a notification from CS which made him smile wryly.

[ Ding! Host has exceeded his limit and will receive a penalty. ]

After a while of torture, Yun Che's pair of eyes finally lost its light as his body fell limp and without strength. His aura vanished completely together with his life signs as his heart completely stopped beating.

After Yun Che's eyes lost its light, Aguin commanded CS to, "System! Extract his soul and the devil whatsoever immediately. Seal it for real. As for the devilish light, seal it too!"


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