Aguin's Cheat System
13 Enlightenment; and Soul Breakthrough
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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13 Enlightenment; and Soul Breakthrough

Aguin who's been watching every scenes and situation that Yun Che have gone through in his life suddenly realized a vital thing. It was the most simple thing but it is also the most difficult thing to realize if you were put in Aguin's shoes.

Aguin's pair of eyes shone brightly as he entered the state of enlightenment. Aguin who entered an extremely important state obviously lost his grip on Yun Che's head as he immediately sat up in a lotus position. The 10 colorful rings floating around his body slowly revolved around him like a body guard protecting a VIP.

Aguin unconsciously activated Sage Mode of Six Paths as his energy rocketed up and has been brought in an entirely new level. Six pure black orbs slowly appeared out of nothingness as it also stood guard for Aguin. Looking closely, this black orbs contains dense natural energy within enabling Aguin to have a beyond perfect stable connection to heaven's way.

This changes made Jasmine take a step backward as she cannot comprehend the young man before her anymore. She thought in her mind, 'Just how deep is his strength?'

The Soul Search skill deactivated itself and immediately detached itself from Yun Che's soul causing his body to fell towards the ground with a 'thud' sound. No one noticed that at this moment, Yun Che's eyes are shrouded with black mist seemingly containing destruction within.



Meanwhile, Aguin who entered the deep state of enlightenment felt his mind became gradually clearer than before. He found himself before a white light that seemed like a straight line spanning just to 2-3 meters long.

He can sense a familiarity towards this line as he can't help but approach. He touched it using his finger as he caressed it carefully. He's afraid that he might break it or harm it so he took care of it with extreme precision and carefulness.

After a while, he sat up next to it in a lotus position. The vast white space started to change as it changed into a beautiful forest with a lot of natural energy to the point that it looked like a mist.

The line next to him suddenly throb as the line brightened like a sun. Dragon markings, sun markings, moon markings can be seen inside the line. This markings soon brightened to the point of blinding and outshining the whole forest.

The line expanded as it gradually completely covered Aguin. Aguin then felt warmth deep within his soul as his soul entered a dream-like state.

Aguin then recalled every thing that happened to Yun Che. Using that as a guide, he was able to enlightened himself about this world.

If before clouds can be seen in Aguin's pair of eyes.. Now, one can see a clear and calm deep lake within his eyes. The cloud gradually disappeared as his eyes shone in enlightenment. The questions that filled his mind back then now became clear as the last piece of puzzle fitted in the puzzle.. Allowing him to see the bigger picture and it allowed him to answer the questions he had. After all this time searching and comtemplating, he finally was able to get the answer.




Deep within an unknown space devoid of energy and life. A sound can be heard, it was soft yet powerful enough to resound everywhere in the void. The void itself is colorful as one can see blue, red, green, etc.. colors flashing in the space.

The colors came from an ordinary wooden house in the center of the empty space. It seemed unbelievable but the colors really came from the house. A ripple then appeared coming from the house that made the whole void become more quiet.

Inside the ordinary wooden house, there's an old man sitting in an ordinary wooden chair. Different ordinary looking furniture can be seen in the room. However, don't let your eyes trick you.. As even any one of this furniture is powerful enough to blast apart a universe to nothingness.

The old man is sitting in the chair peacefully with a smile as he looked at the corner. Looking closely, there's nothing in that corner but a wall for this house.

The old man suddenly laughed and stood up from his position seemingly delighted of something. He then said with an excited voice, "I'm not wrong. So finally someone can accompany me in this empty space. Only time is needed for it!"

Turning his gaze on the corner again, his gaze emitted a lightning spark as he said excitedly, "So. You finally realized, eh? That the center of everything. The cause of everything. The root of everything. Is..."




"Is.. ME!" Aguin shouted loudly within the vast white space as his body suddenly emitted a strong translucent light. The puzzle within his mind completely became perfect as the puzzle now contained profound meanings within. It made Aguin who's been racking his brains ever since then.. Finally got free from his burdens.

Aguin thought of 'that' over and over again in his head as he repeated it calmly.

'The reason why this world changed and became like this. The reason why the world's determined future got distorted and became undetermined. The reason why the thread of karma around the whole universe got tangled up. The reason why all of these problems occur.








The time he got transmigrated to this world via abnormal means started everything. The moment he arrived at this world, it made the timeline of this world itself disappear. Timelines ceased to exists as only indeterminable past, present, and future awaits this world.

It was an actual representation of the happenings in a visual novel called Steins;Gate. It is actually a bit different yet also a bit similar to each other.

Because of Aguin, the future where Yun Che will save the world vanished in existence. Because of him, the past where Yun Che will reincarnate as a good man vanished in existence. Because of him, right now Yun Che will die because of him.

It was all because of him interfering with the natural order of this universe. The existences in this universe who shouldn't have existed started to became real. The Creation God, Evil God and every god existed because of him interfering with the world. This universe which is supposedly should have been created from faith of millions of it's fans became a real universe capable of birthing into an omnipotent being.

It all happened because of Aguin. All of it is because of HIM!

"So it was because of me, huh?" Aguin muttered as he felt comprehensive about the things he have done. He have longed reached the point of contentment so he was able to accept it pretty well.

A voice whispered at Aguin in a mocking tone, "It was your fault, myself!". It was actually a figure with same features as Aguin.

Aguin only stared at the 'he' before him with indifference and mockery. He sneered at the figure while saying softly but threateningly, "You're just a shadow.. I can destroy you any moment I willed it."

"However, you are a part of me. You are me. Me are you. I can only accept you and trust myself. So please go back inside.. myself!" Aguin smiled lightly at the figure as his eyes showed his goodwill and determination about his decision.

The figure then laughed loudly as it flew around of Aguin while saying, "Haha. That is right. You are me. Me are you. We are the same." as the figure completely became fragments that seeped into Aguin's soul.

A golden threadlike aura was soon released from Aguin as he closed his eyes. He felt himself becoming complete without any less and excess.

After a while, his eyes completely opened as the vast white space completely broke apart bringing him back to reality. Jasmine and Cang Yue noticed Aguin awakening as they immediately looked towards him.

The duo both saw Aguin slowly opening his eyes as the terrifying eyes he had didn't change. But they felt that something changed but they can't put their fingers into it.

Aguin then raised his head up and looked at the sky while declaring calmly, "It's just fate. It's just devils. It's just future. If there will be devils, then I'll slay them. If there will be gods, then I'll slay them. If there will be immortals, then I'll slay them. This world is in danger? Then I will carry the burden of it. MYSELF!.. The threat is more terrifying than True Gods? Then I'll become more powerful than True Gods. They will destroy everything in existence? Including me? I'll wipe them out instead. I don't care whatever it is, I'll pave my way towards the pinnacle. "

The moment he declared his stand, the heavens and earth shook seemingly showing their response at his declaration. It cried with happiness and excitement as the wind blew and the sky brightened. Cang Yue and Jasmine can't help but stare with wide eyes from the declaration of the young man before them and the phenomenon that happened before them.

Within Aguin's soul, his godly soul suddenly brightened and became more powerful than ever. The golden threadlike aura that was released by him a while ago covered his soul completely. It slowly turned into a golden cocoon with his soul within it.

The process of his soul becoming more powerful took millions of years within his soul while in the outside.. Not even a second has passed. The cocoon soon broke apart completely as it revealed a figure sitting in a lotus position. This figure emanated ancientness and wisdom like it was natural. This figure is obviously Aguin's soul that has undergo the soul purification and soul upgrade. If back then, his soul was ethereal then now.. his soul has reached the point that it was completely solid.

[ Ding! Host's soul has evolved through understanding oneself. The bottleneck for ascending the Divine Extinction realm in the future has been broken through. The Host can break through easily in the future. ] Aguin then heard a notification from CS reminding him that he has gone through such process. Aguin gripped his both of his fists as he stood up from his position. He felt his body light as a feather making him feel that the wind can sweep and carry him. He can feel his strength pushing further every second.

After checking out his body, Aguin sensed that something is wrong as he tried to find Yun Che's body. There. He saw Yun Che's body slowly releasing a pure black aura powerful enough to make the beautiful angelic Jasmine step back and enough to make Cang Yue lost consciousness immediately.
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    《Aguin's Cheat System》