Aguin's Cheat System
12 Revelation
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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12 Revelation

"NOOOOOOOO!" Yun Che roared at his loudest voice as his eyes gradually lost its light and completely became blank. Yun Che's body suddenly became limp and lost his strength to struggle against Aguin's grip. Yun Che's body now looked like a kite with its string cut. This was because of Yun Che's soul being disconnected temporarily from his body and 'Soul Search skill' doing it's job.

Meanwhile, different scenes and situations flashed within Aguin's pair of eyes. He saw a kid dressed in tattered clothes wandering in a cold land. The kid is crying as his eyes contained helplessness and fear. This kid should be the 'bastard' in Aguin's grip right now, Yun Che!

Suddenly an old man appeared within the kid's vision and fetched him with care. The old man held the kid at his bosom as he traveled back to his house. This old man should be Yun Che's master, Yun Gu who gave Yun Che his own name.

Old Man Gu taught the kid everything such as how to live, how to survive, how to be clever, etc.. He taught Yun Che everything as he treated Yun Che like his own grandson. He even taught Yun Che about his medicinal knowledge that can shake the whole Azure Cloud Continent.

He slowly nurtured the kid kindly for years as Yun Che gradually grew up to be a young man. A girl suddenly appeared in Yun Che's vision. She was beautiful as a fairy, has jade-like complexion and kind smile as that girl approached Yun Che.

Aguin remembered and thought, 'This girl should be, Su Ling'er, the girl Yun Che loved in his first life till now'

Then the day came when Su Ling'er died. Yun Che stayed at her grave in 3 days and 3 nights while despairing and crying in front of the said place. Time quickly passed as the day when he poisoned millions of innocent people without batting an eyelid. Old Man Gu came and comforted him which made Yun Che happy but..

Apparently, Yun Che didn't need it as he only smiled evilly thinking of the expressions of the people who died. The day when Su Ling'er died.. He slowly but surely changed into a devil-like being.

After years, the unexpected day came where dozens of sects pursued them and ultimately killing his master in front of him. There, he saw Old Man Gu's big wound in his chest as plentiful of blood fell down from it. Yun Che cried in front of his master who asked him to keep his most treasured, Sky Poison Pearl. This treasure is the source of harm to the both of them. His master reminded him to not let anyone get this as this treasure can't be taken by evil people. His master smiled at him lightly, "Go on Xiao Che! Take this with you.. I wish you well.. my.. disciple.."

After transferring the Sky Poison Pearl, the Old Man Gu's eyes dimmed as his body became limp and fell to the ground. Old Man Gu died with a worrying expression in his face. He felt worried for his disciple who might not even survive this day but still wished that Yun Che would.

After despairing for a bit, Yun Che then rapidly run towards the Cloud's End Cliff. He stopped when he reached the edge of the cliff and he slowly turned his body around as a devilish smile slowly crawled to his face.

He laughed maniacally as he looked at the people in front of him. They came from different powerful sects. They were venerated by millions of people but the people didn't know how greedy these bastards were. They are here obviously because of Yun Che's master who possessed a treasure enough to cause a bloodbath even in the upper realms, Sky Poison Pearl. Little did these experts knew that Yun Che also has the Mirror or Samsara.

Yun Che laughed madly as he said, "You all came here for my master's treasure, the Sky Poison Pearl, right? As if I'll let you bastards have it. I won't let you guys have it over my dead body."

The big experts from the different sects started to move slowly stealthily towards Yun Che. The visible disciples and elders in front of Yun Che started to move towards him.

"You guys finally bared your fangs, eh?", Yun Che said as he slowly stepped backwards to the point that he might fall any moment now. This action made all the big experts hiding in the dark and the visible people there stop their movements as they looked at the young man before them in dismay.

"You all want this treasure? Then come and get it from me" Yun Che said madly as he jumped towards the Cloud's End Cliff. The experts of the said sects tried their best to prevent Yun Che from falling completely to the cliff but.. They were late and were not able to prevent him from falling. They all felt complicated by the fact that all of their efforts were in vain.



Yun Che who dived in the cliff is currently falling rapidly. He laughed madly as tears streaked across his eyes. His master who has been taking care of him kindly died in front of him without even doing anything. His master helped everyone and he was kind to everyone.

He then remembered the time he poisoned millions of people and can't help but think, "They all deserved it!" as a devilish smile appeared in his face. He knew that he was in the wrong that he didn't possessed the power to protect his loved ones. This helplessness broke him apart as he started to become more dark and darker.

This day made him complete his evolution as his heart completely broke apart, a black light shrouded his eyes as he became mad and insane.

As he thought over and over again that, "Being kind is useless, you only need power, all people in this world are only tools for me to use at my disposal!". This statement completely reformed him as his soul began a qualitative change.

He swore to heaven that, "If I gained another chance to live, I will surely make them pay as I pave my way towards the pinnacle. I will sacrifice anything I need to. All that matters is I win". The Mirror of Samsara in his chest shone dimly seemingly responding to his wish, thou not enough for Yun Che to notice it as he finally saw a light in the bottom of the cliff. He closed his eyes and resigned to his fate thinking that he would undoubtedly die for sure.


Then his body fell to the deepest depths and died just like that as his body became blood of pulp in the process.

Yun Che's necklace who has been dormant all this time suddenly released a blinding light that disrupted time and space around the whole Azure Cloud Continent. Every thing that happened in the whole continent started to reverse as time itself started to move backwards. Yun Che's master started to come back alive and the same can be said to Su Ling'er who got resurrected. Everything fell back into place however.. Yun Che didn't existed there.

After a while, Yun Che's body let out a ethereal form which has the same figure as him. This ethereal form started to float upwards as the soul itself started to become fragments.

It was at this moment that space shuddered and completely collapsed. A black light rapidly flew towards Yun Che's soul. The black light slowly covered Yun Che's soul and his two heaven-defying treasures. The black light who have been silent all this time suddenly released a suffocating aura that contained evil intent and devil intent. This devilish aura completely covered the Cloud End's Cliff waking up the godly beasts sleeping there in the process.

In the meantime, Yun Che's soul suddenly solidified and became stronger as the black light completely seeped into his soul. His negative emotions magnified especially his evilness and cruelness. The pair of heaven-defying treasures suddenly attached itself into Yun Che's soul as the Mirror of Samsara released a blinding light.

The light slowly disappeared together with Yun Che's soul that vanished completely from the place.
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    《Aguin's Cheat System》