Aguin's Cheat System
11 Soul Search
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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11 Soul Search

"Not tortu-"

While readying himself for the torture, he heard Aguin mutter something. When he heard the statement, it made him confused as he was expecting for a torture from Aguin. He did not know that what Aguin is about to do is much more painful than torture.

Meanwhile, Aguin contacted CS through his mind, 'System. I've always wondered about it whether this skill really exists. I'm pretty sure that it should be. So 'Soul Search' should be available, right?'

Aguin asked CS about this skill. This skill is a basic necessity in other novels he have read. It allows the wielder to inspect the memories of the said victim and in turn will completely destroy the mind of the victim.

He actually needs it to inspect every nook of Yun Che's soul and find out how did 'that' occur. He wanted to know just what happened and such when Yun Che undergoes reincarnation. Where did the original Yun Che go? Questions and such filled his head which he quickly set aside when he heard the notification from CS.

[ Ding! System do have 'Soul Search' but system highly recommends 'Godly Soul Search' instead of the former ]

'What is the difference?' Aguin acquired CS about the said skill. Based on the 'godly' tag, this skill should be more powerful and should be more convenient for him to use than the 'Soul Search'. But still knowing is better.

[ Ding! Soul Search is a double-edged skill that would read the memories of the target but it's side effects are deadly to the point that it would have 90% chance of erasing the soul. Compared to 'Godly Soul Search' that would instead not only read the memories of the target but would also search and analyze every nook of target's soul. Furthermore, there won't be any deadly side effects aside from the pain that the target would experience. System advises Host to acquire this skill instead. ]

Is there even any need to choose? Just based from the facts CS gave him, the 'latter skill' is definitely the one he badly needs right now. Aguin then confirmed that he would instead acquire the skill, 'Give me the Godly Soul Search skill'

[ Ding! Extracting the skill from domain... ]

[ Ding! Host has acquired Godly Soul Search skill. Please feel free to use it at your will. ] This notification is like the green lights in a race. It made Aguin happy as he can finally start his plan.

His mouth slowly curved to a smile as he slowly approached Yun Che. The smile in his face apparently made Jasmine, Cang Yue and specially Yun Che shudder. Yun Che can feel a bad premonition coming from his instincts as his soul and senses kept telling him to run, run, run.. But Yun Che can't even move his body right now. So he can only resign himself to fate.

Aguin then grabbed Yun Che's head skillfully at fast speed while smiling happily. Jasmine who is watching at the side can't help but shake her head from the situation before her.

Then, Aguin's pair of eyes produced a cold light as his hands mercilessly drag Yun Che's head right in front of him. Golden transcriptions seemed to form at Aguin's eyes. Yun Che involuntarily focused and stared at Aguin. However, Yun Che immediately shouted in regret because of his actions that made the process faster.

Aguin said "Godly Skill: Soul Search!" unhurriedly in a low voice as his eyes looked at Yun Che in indifference. Although, it was in a low and soft voice, the trio in the room heard it clearly with Yun Che the one hearing it the most clearly compared to the duo.

Yun Che shuddered as he heard the foreign ability's name but depending on the name.. It would reveal his secrets that he hid in the deepest depths of his heart. He can't help but look at Aguin in fear.

Cang Yue also can't help but shudder from Aguin's cold voice as she closed her eyes and turned her head away. Showing that she do not want to see the scenes that will happen as she already expected within her heart that it would be more terrifying.

However, Jasmine had an entirely different reaction compared to the two. When she heard the skill, she unconsciously stepped back as shock appeared in her beautiful face.

At first, Jasmine thought she had heard wrong about the name of the skill, the young man before her muttered. But she knew that she can't hear wrong as although she lost her body, her cultivation base is still existent. She can't help but shudder from the fact that the young man before her possesses it. A lost skill that she only have read in ancient books. A skill that would surely cause bloodbath in the myriads of realms.

This long lost skills are called 'The 8 Godly Skills'. Among the 8 Godly skills, there exists one of the best auxiliary skill in entirety of universe and that is.. SOUL SEARCH.

Many aspiring cultivators that exceeds in controlling and usage of their soul tried to copy the said skill which in turned resulted in the current situation. There were different skills based on the legendary 'Godly Skill: Soul Search' such as the 'Soul Examine', 'Memory Extraction', etc.. These were the weaker versions of the said skill but even these weaker versions were so rare and expensive that only influential individuals in upper realms possesses it. And now she's witnessing someone use a completely genuine Soul Search originating from the 8 Godly Skills created by the ancient powerhouse back then.

How did she deduced that it was the genuine one? It was because it is stated in the legends that the 'Soul Search from the 8 Godly Skills' is an ability that can search the entirety of someone's soul. And once wielded, a pair of ancient golden transcriptions would form in the wielder's eyes.

She clearly saw a golden seal transcription forming in Aguin's eyes which confirmed her speculation. She can't help but ask in fear once again, "J-just who in the world are you?!" as she looked at Aguin in wide eyes.

Aguin pretended to not hear her as he just focused at the 'bastard' in front of him. When Aguin completely uttered the name of the said skill, Yun Che who has been quiet all this time suddenly wailed in agony and despair that seemed to come from the deepest hell.

"NOOOO!" Yun Che wailed louder in agony as his hands moved towards Aguin's chest. Yun Che lost his sanity as all he thought is to make the weird energy go away from his soul, "GET OUT!"

Yun Che tried his best to hurt Aguin to cancel the skill that Aguin's currently using on him. Aguin only looked at him with indifference in his eyes.

Yun Che then used every skills he had in his arsenal as different words came out of his mouth.

"Heavenly Wolf Slash"

"Phoenix Flaming Lotus"

"Phoenix Flames Sears the Heavens"

"Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing"

However, none of these skills worked on Aguin as it didn't even had the power to scratch his clothes. Aguin remained unmoved at his position as he continued grabbing Yun Che's head as golden transcriptions revolved in his eyes. Well. How can a mere True Profound cultivator even if he had several legacies hurt someone with Divine Extinction realm combat prowess?

"NOOOOOOOO!" Yun Che roared at his loudest voice as his eyes gradually lost its light and completely became blank.
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    《Aguin's Cheat System》