Aguin's Cheat System
10 Jasmine“s Reaction; and Glimpse of Appetite Energy“s power
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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10 Jasmine“s Reaction; and Glimpse of Appetite Energy“s power

After confirming something about Cang Yue, Aguin then turned his head and looked towards the floating Jasmine with excited gaze. 'So this is Jasmine, huh?' Aguin can't help but touch his chin a bit as he inspected the little loli before him.

The little loli before him has hair that was as red as a blood, a face of white jade, each of her facial features were all beautiful to the extreme and all of them combined together made her unbelievably perfect. This made Aguin stare at her face with shock and delight, for the first time in his life, he felt thankful that he went here as he was able to see Jasmine's beyond perfect beauty.

She had a pair of exceptionally very black demonic-looking eyes that flashed mysteriously as she blinked at Aguin. Deep within that exceptional eyes were shock and fear.

Although she was young, her upper body had considerably matured. Her snow white breasts were like two jade pearls on her perfect body, as soft as the springtime shoots of bamboo. Enough to make Aguin drool inwardly in his mind as he declared that he would kill the 'bastard father' of Jasmine.

Even though her body had still not matured yet, there was still the release of a stunning charm that would steal souls in her immaturity. It was as if all the beauty in the world had been mustered inside this body of ultimate perfection. She was like an demonic angel that descended in the mortal realms.. Only to outshine every beauty in existence.

'Her beauty certainly exceeds Xia Qingyue, eh?' Aguin thought to himself.

However, compared to Aguin's exciting thoughts.. Jasmine is right now experiencing shock and fear. Jasmine didn't expected even in the least that she will be a witness of such an absurd phenomenon and show of power.

The young man who suddenly appeared before them felt so terrifying that even she felt her soul quaking in fear. She was able to deduce that this young man before her is far more powerful than her even if she had her body and is at her peak strength.

Noticing his gaze, Jasmine was brought back to reality as she finally felt a glimpse of the man's power. Just from his gaze.. she felt it. She felt that absolute power vastly surpassing hers. She even thought of this man reaching True God level but quickly set that aside.

Because of her shock and effort to comprehend the strength of the young man before her, she didn't notice that Aguin is looking at her with excitement and goodwill. Jasmine finally was able to reach to conclusion that made her tremble.

"I-impossible!" Jasmine shouted at Aguin with fear and shock from her tone. She don't dare believe. She really didn't dare believe that someone in this myriad of realms did possess such power. However, she's seeing the real deal before her eyes.. She can't continue to set aside the idea that this young man has such power. After with much difficulty, she then said while stuttering..

"D-divine e-extinction Realm!" Jasmine said in shock as she looked at Aguin with fear. After much consideration, she finally accepted that this young man before her really did possess a Divine Extinction Realm power.

Well. Who can she blame? Aguin's aura vastly surpassed the aura she can produce even at her peak. Also.. Aguin's cultivation base was overshadowed because of the aura coming off from the rings floating around his body.

Only if Aguin completely retracted his aura would Jasmine be able to sense his real cultivation base. However, he didn't really care about his profound cultivation base as his combat prowess is the only thing that matters to him. After all, it is certainly awesome to destroy a person who is overly confident about themselves with just a low cultivation base. Hehe.

Jasmine's body felt limp as her heart started to beat more rapidly compared to her heartbeat a while ago. She don't dare look at Aguin's eyes and quickly turned her head away. She knew that his eyes might injure her to the point of beyond saving.



Aguin turned his eyes and looked at Yun Che which he's currently grabbing like a piece of trash. He gripped Yun Che's head hard without mercy and lifted him up to the air.

His grip of Yun Che's head is so intense that it made the 'bastard' wail more louder as Yun Che felt his skull almost crack from the pressure. Aguin can actually destroy his skull any moment if he wanted but.. he wanted to make Yun Che despair further more to bring out the real 'him'.

He slapped Yun Che's face several times till there were red marks in it as it swell. He kicked Yun Che's buttocks like a piece of crap and didn't care even Yun Che's buttocks bled to the point that it was not a good sight to look at. Cang Yue and Jasmine turned their heads away to avoid watching more of this unsightly sight.

After a while of Aguin doing sh*tty stuffs, he then did something unexpected that made Jasmine and Cang Yue who is watching the scene before them gawked in shock. They really didn't expected for Aguin to just..

Aguin actually healed Yun Che completely even his vision via releasing a yellowish aura with red pigments around it. This is Aguin's Appetite Energy that reached the culmination of major accomplishment while traveling towards here. This is actually one of Aguin's trump card, his ability to heal himself almost instantly and, of course, someone else. This power vastly surpasses Sage mode's ability to gradually heal the user.

Appetite Energy can be divided into 6 stages: Novice stage, Minor Accomplishment, Half Master stage, Major Accomplishment, Master stage, Emperor stage. If Novice and Minor Accomplishment stage can only harness Aguin's body then the higher stages of Appetite Energy can heal someone to the point that the ability can be called "Instant Regeneration".

"W-what?" Yun Che stuttered as he felt his eyes being completely reformed. He felt confused about Aguin's action for a moment. Even Jasmine felt that something is wrong. Based on her impression on the mysterious young man before her, this young man is extremely vicious and cruel. So she felt that something will happen. Something unexpected and will surely shock her again.

Not only Jasmine noticed that something is wrong, even Yun Che who is currently in delight as he gained his ability to see turned gloomy as he felt that something bad will happen to him. He then immediately recalled something.

There was a torture method where the torturer would torture someone very slowly and then heal him again. The loop continues till the victim completely lost his mind and become insane. He sweated mountain of buckets when he realized one more time the predicament he's in.

While readying himself for the torture, he heard Aguin mutter something.


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