Aguin's Cheat System
9 Eye Disintegration; and Cang Yue“s Infatuation
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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9 Eye Disintegration; and Cang Yue“s Infatuation

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Aguin roared in rage and anger as his body disappeared from his original position. He directly appeared in front of the 'bastard' while his eyes produced a red trail because of his pure speed surpassing the speed of light as the space, air, and other factors that usually restricts someone from surpassing the speed of light got torn apart before his strength allowing him to fully use his speed to the fullest.

Aguin used his aura to completely suppress Yun Che from moving around. He glanced at Yun Che with his eyes as the flower-like patterns in his eyes rotated rapidly. His gaze then produced a cold light seemingly be able to pierce Yun Che's pair of eyes.

Aguin's gaze then pierced through Yun Che's eyes and completely overpowered Yun Che which is natural because of his current combat prowess. He made the 'bastard' kneel in the floor like a pitiful ant as blood started to fall from the Yun Che's eyes. The blood that fell from his eyes produced a blood dropping sound.

"AHHH!" Yun Che shouted in pain as his eyes completely got disintegrated with just a glance from Aguin's eyes. It was obviously effective because of his ability, Sharingan ( Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan at the moment ). This effect was produced because of Sharingan's innate nightmarish genjutsu that can overpower enemies with just a glance. And in Aguin's case, it was powerful enough to disintegrate someone's pair of eyes with a look.

Yun Che dropped to the ground as his body continued to shiver and tremble in pain. He can feel completely the pain which is in entirely different level compared to the pain he experienced back then. Of course, except the pain of integrating with the Evil God's Profound Veins.

He quickly activated his Great Way of Buddha to try suppressing the pain. Unfortunately for him, he's only at the first stage and can only heal minor injuries such as scratches. And the first stage is not enough for him to suppress the pain of losing his eyes. He despaired further from the fact that he would need to endure this hellish pain.

"W-why are you doing this?!" Yun Che shouted in hoarse voice with all of his might showing his helplessness and unwillingness. He's still currently scratching all parts of body in wish of lessening the pain.

At first, he only felt fear and shock when the young man appeared out of nowhere. Even Jasmine didn't detected him so one can only expect the shock he felt back then. But suddenly this young man attacked him resentfully..

He didn't even know the young man before him and tried to recall every memory he had. But unfortunately he can't recall a thing about offending such powerhouse enough to scare Jasmine.

When Aguin suddenly crippled his eyesight with just a single glance, he felt unwillingness and helplessness from the power of this young man before him.

Yun Che then heard him say something that made him feel shocked, "A devil in disguise, eh?" Yun Che's brain processed rapidly as he thought whether this guy knew his identity. His identity connecting to the Devil Realm people.

Before he thought that this young man before him is Cang Yue's backer. He even felt regret that he tried to force himself on Cang Yue and thought of different reasons such as saying that it was 'role play' and such. However his plan was shattered immediately when he heard Aguin's statement and made him feel shock and confused.

He knew that his acting is completely perfect as he was able to trick Jasmine and the people he have met since today. He tricked them to the point that they acknowledge that he was this man with qualities such as this and stuff. He used Xiao Che's memories as a guide for his plans in this world. He even used his past personality to mask his devilish intent that was formed when he reincarnated towards Xiao Che's body.

However, Aguin has system and his different abilities that can help him seek the truth. Right now, Aguin only knew that this Yun Che isn't the one in the novel but rather someone else from this world. "This is really the real world, eh? Not the novel.."

Aguin planned to just make an impression towards the duo which is Yun Che and Jasmine because he wanted to impress Jasmine. He personally wanted to steal Jasmine from Yun Che. ( Author's Note: Sorry for not showing the intent. It was a surprise. Really... )

Aguin can still feel the rage and anger he has in his heart. However, it was not a wrath that would destroy everything in its way. But a wrath that would slowly swallow everything in its way. He knew when to bring destruction and bring calamity. However, now is not the right time as he needed to check something important first before teaching this 'bastard' a lesson.

While Yun Che is wailing in agony and despair at the floor while scratching every parts of his body. Aguin looked at Cang Yue with concern in his eyes. He used his Sage Mode ability to check the most vital thing for him about Cang Yue. Now that he changed, of course, he would want every woman he liked.

Aguin then used his Sage Mode ability to sense Cang Yue's body condition. Using Sage mode's ability, he was able to determine that her virginity is still intact as he felt the Yin energy from her body.

He sighed in relief when he confirmed what he wanted to confirm. He felt relieved that he didn't loitered around in the palace too long before going here or else he might have missed the chance to save the pitiful girl.

Of course, Cang Yue noticed Aguin's gaze, seemingly able to see through her as she felt herself being naked in front of his gaze. She felt fear from Aguin's serious gaze while looking at her. Her heart can't help but palpitate in fear as her heart started beating rapidly.

However, she noticed that this unknown handsome young man's pair of eyes looked at her intently with care and concern in his gaze. When she saw the concern and care from his gaze, her pair of eyes that lost all hope suddenly brightened. Her cheeks became crimson bright as she quickly got pulled in her dreams that this young man is her prince charming and such that would save her from distress.


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