Aguin's Cheat System
8 Reality
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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8 Reality

Aguin reached the Blue Wind Profound Palace after a hour of walking around. There he saw a gate, heavily guarded. He slowly approached the gate and he just walked leisurely through the gate without paying heed the guards in the gates that are patrolling and guarding the gate heavily.

The guards who would usually stop someone who would try to enter the palace didn't budge even an inch from their position. If someone saw this scene, they would immediately find it weird.. Weird that the guards who would ask for your identity before allowing you to enter didn't even move. Why did they not move? It is because of Aguin's Demon Masking skill. This skill can hide his presence from anyone with 100% certainty that he would be undetected from probing.

After passing through the gates, he saw lots of people.. Some cultivating, some talking, some sparring, some running errands. This is the Blue Wind Profound Palace. A gathering for talents. He was amazed by the palace's structure. The palace looked simple but emanated power within it. Even the profound energy here is double or triple the amount compared to the profound energy outside. This place is really a holy land for cultivators and talents..

He walked around the palace while observing the different kinds of people around him. There really are different kinds of them. Different personalities. Different faces. Different strengths. After a while, he got bored watching and observing the people around him.

Based from his interactions with the people when he used his skill. It looks like they really can't see him no matter what he does. 'This is really a powerful auxiliary skill, eh?' he thought as he gave this skill a right to be called as 'one of his most powerful skills'.

After loitering around, he used his soul imprint on Yun Che to sense his general location. He sensed that the man is still inside the Profound Cultivating Tower. He walked towards Yun Che's location leisurely which is in the central regions of the palace. This central region or rather inner region is where the most powerful and most talented disciples are staying and cultivating.

Aguin recalled that Yun Che would save everyone from the Devils by ascending to True God realm. He really liked the time that 'he' ascended to the True God realm with people dear to him supporting him from afar. It was such a heartwarming moment for him.

If Aguin is like an ordinary person.. Yun Che would be like, the 'superman' from the movies who would beat up the bad guys.

Aguin saw a tall tower standing at the innermost center of the inner regions. He sensed that this tower has quintuple amount of profound energy compared to the outside. Just from the amount of profound energy, people would surely flock to this place.



After walking for a while, Aguin finally reached where Yun Che's staying. Specifically, his room, in his mind.. he is already expecting Yun Che seating in lotus position while doing his best to cultivate.

He decided to enter the room. He used his lack of presence to the fullest while entering the room. The door didn't even make a sound. It was silent to the point that it was weird. The people inside the room didn't even notice that he already entered the room.

Unfortunately for him, the scene he saw in front of him would make him realize his mistake ever since he arrived in this world.

Aguin's eyes grew wider as he looked at the scene before him. A scene that he didn't expect in the least. A scene that didn't even cross his mind. A possibility that he didn't even consider ever since he came to this world.




Yun Che..



Beating up Cang Yue without mercy..

"W-what?" he stammered as he tried to comprehend what is happening in front of him. Buckets of sweat fell from his face as he tried his best to understand just what is happening.

'Didn't Yun Che loved Cang Yue to the point that he would massacre everything just for her? But why?' he asked himself waveringly while looking at the scene in front of him.

"P-please h-help!" Cang Yue shouted in agony and grief. She is currently wearing tattered clothes with tears falling from her eyes. Scars can be seen in her body. Her feet and hands have chains bounding it to the wall.

Before this, she entered the room with full anticipation and excitement. She never expected that it would turn out like this.

The man she liked will also be the one who would kill her. The man she liked will be the man she will hate the most.

She fell in love when the man before him that helped the descendants of the legendary fire phoenix and free them from their curse. She fell for him. For his attitude, morals, strength, and his determination. She really did.

But.. reality is harsh. She felt broken inside when she suddenly realized that everything was fake as Yun Che attacked her and bound her to the wall. She felt broken. She felt regret. She felt every negative feelings there is.

She felt idiotic for believing the man before him just from the experiences she encountered together with the man before him that is looking at her with lust and disdain in his eyes that seemed to tell 'you are just a woman!'.

He was a demon, a devil, a monster. He is pure evil. Currently, Yun Che is looking at Cang Yue with lust and disdain in his eyes. He was breathing heavily as he approached Cang Yue with his hands doing a grabbing motion.

"S-stop!" Cang Yue shouted as she hurriedly drew back at the corner of the room. Her eyes filled with grief, agony, hopelessness, and.. pain. She tried to shout for help but..

"No one can hear you here.." Yun Che grinned as he approached Cang Yue with lust in his eyes. He used one of Sky Heaven Pearl's ability to seal a space. It was enough to hide everything from the eyes of probing people.

Meanwhile.. Jasmine who has been watching everything that is happening can't help but shout at Yun Che with all of her might. Even if she didn't care for everyone. She knew that the woman in front of Yun Che is just like her.

She remembered her father who would also look at her like how is Yun Che looking at Cang Yue right now. She remembered herself while looking at the pitiful Cang Yue.

"Yun Che, you bastard! STOP!" She shouted as her body appeared in the room. She approached Yun Che and tried to suppress him.. However.. she can't do a thing about the scene in front of her. She is currently in her weakened state. She can't even scratch Yun Che let alone hurt him.

Yun Che heard Jasmine's shout but he just nonchalantly replied, "What do you care? Just go back to the Sky Poison Pearl!" He knew that this master of his wouldn't be able to interfere.

"S-stop p-please.. Huhu" Cang Yue pleaded as her tears continued to fall from her eyes. Yun Che's smile grew wider as he heard her pleading.

"That look on your face. That despair. That agony. That fear. I like it.. I.. really... love.. it.." he said sadistically as he licked his lips in pleasure. He deliberately approached Cang Yue slowly.



Yun Che, Jasmine and Cang Yue didn't notice a man looking at them. The man was Aguin. Aguin is currently looking at the scene before him with a terrifying expression. Only these words can describe Aguin right now, 'terrifying and scary beyond measure'.

Ever since Aguin chose 'Against the Gods' as the location where he'll be supposedly reincarnated, he believed that this world is really 'Against the Gods'. He believed it without even thinking twice.

He even gave Yun Che's body back to the reincarnating soul that also entered his body. He did everything just for the sake of the plot.. because he knew that Yun Che is a must in this world.

He didn't expected that his own idiocy would drown him in deep waters. If he didn't decided to visit this 'f*cking bastard', he would still drown without knowing that he's nurturing a demon.

He knew that he f*cked up. He actually believed that this world is just like the novel he have read ever since he was in high school. It was a f*cking mistake to think that it was the novel he waited for everyday. He made a mistake. A big one at that. A big blunder.

Aguin gripped his fists so hard that his nails actually dug deep within his hands. Blood fell from his hands.



Aguin's mindset slowly changed. His past self that's been holding unto his world before transmigration slowly withered. His past self disappeared like ashes. Only his 'current self' stayed within him. This 'current self' within his soul suddenly lifted up his head as his eyes produced a cold light.

Aguin's face who is usually cheerful, easygoing, changed.. He changed.. He truly did..

"Activate every ability and skill I have" he muttered softly with low voice, barely audible.

Aguin's overall appearance started to change. He currently emanated an extremely frightening aura containing dominance and supremacy.

His eyes started to change to something that even he didn't expected. His pair of eyes now emanated death and looked extremely terrifying. ( Author's note: But also cool! )

His eyes has a flower petal-like pattern that is red with black outlines with golden pupils in the center. Blue and red hexagonal magical patterns slowly revolved outside his irides seemingly containing calamity and destruction within it.

Unknowingly, his skill 'Dunamis PteryxIf' activated by itself and resided in his golden pupils. If someone were to look at his pupils right now, they will die without having a chance to scream in fear. This is 'Dunamis Pteryx' we're talking about. An ability powerful enough to steal someone's time and erase him from existence.

The dragon markings in his chest shone brightly to the point that his clothes can't conceal it anymore. His sun mark in his right hand glimmered so much that it illuminated the room. His moon mark in his left hand released a death aura that changed the atmosphere of the room instantly.

Aguin didn't notice that his body is unleashing an aura beyond his concealment's ability to suppress his presence. This aura is tyrannical, mighty, dominant, and is supreme among everything.

His aura started to become more powerful as 10 rings slowly floated around his body. 2 purple rings, 2 black rings, 4 red rings, 1 gold ring, and 1 golden ring with black pigments around it. This rings brought his aura to an entirely different level. If his aura without those rings is like 10x then his aura right now is 200x.

He felt his Demon Masking skill started to falter. He knew that this skill wouldn't be able to keep up. And he was right as he heard a notification from CS.

[ Ding! Demon Masking. Failed to operate. Aura cannot be suppressed ]

"This world isn't a novel. This world is REAL LIFE" he shouted as he fully unleashed his aura and combat prowess upon the whole Profound Sky Continent. Pressuring every being in the whole continent.

BOOOM! A very massive, tyrannical, mighty, dominant, and is supreme among everything aura filled the whole room. It then leaked out and soon covered the whole imperial city which brought chaos among the people in the city itself.

It didn't last there as the aura soon covered the whole Profound Sky Continent. The seven empires fell into chaos before this aura. The four sacred grounds' experts felt fear and trepidation.

They all saw a golden dragon shadow at the sky emanating with dominance.. Looking down at them with absolute supremacy.



Aguin then noticed that the three finally noticed him and is staring at him with fear. He stared at Yun Che while shouting in rage..


[ Ding! Host's current combat prowess: Divine Extinction Realm ]
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    《Aguin's Cheat System》