Aguin's Cheat System
6 Foods; and Bastards Courting Death
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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6 Foods; and Bastards Courting Death

Aguin smiled lightly and looked towards the sky while declaring, "Time to shake the heavens". After a while...


His confident face was soon replaced with an embarrassed expression. The reason? His belly or rather his stomach produced a growl that echoed within the forest. Who would not be embarrassed? Declaring an awesome stuff but soon replaced with his stomach's grumble sound which even echoed continuously at the forest for some time.

[ Ding! Reminding host that extreme hunger might cause death.. ]

"I didn't need you to tell me that.." Aguin muttered in low voice. Embarrassment is visible in his face as his head stooped low. "Sigh~"

[ Ding! Please eat immediately! ] Contrary to Aguin's expectation that CS won't reply anymore.. CS did reply, seemingly showing it's concern towards him which in turn made him smile.

"Well.. I guess a month of not eating anything is indeed bad.." He said as his body started to float from the ground. He licked his lips as he flew out of the forest. With his memories as guide, he flew towards a city.



Outside of Blue Wind Empire's capital..

"Pay 10 copper coins!" the guard in his post reminded the people before him. His partner, an another guard, is the collecting the coins from the folks.

Lots of people are going through guards just to enter the capital. Sometimes, merchants would enter the city without inspection. Money. A powerful weapon indeed. Merchants would usually pay the guards to exclude them from inspection as to not bother the guards themselves and the people entering and exiting the city.

Inspecting the carts of the merchants would be too bothersome to the point that it would take hours. For the guards to inspect them, they would need to carefully check every single thing inside the carriage or the carts brought by the merchants. So, they were thankful that the merchants entering the city would instead want to be excluded in inspection and in turn earning some extra tip without doing a thing.




The folks entering the city, merchants too looked at the sky. Even the guards stopped what they are doing to see what was going on. There.. they saw a man with extravagant clothes enter the city through.. "He's flying!" the folks muttered as they looked at the figure in envy.

The first thing that entered they mind is, "A powerhouse!" as they gazed at the figure entering the city leisurely. Some even questioned and asked themselves when would they experience such thing like flying in the sky. Common people's dream. Flying is more than enough for them.



Aguin has been feeling his stomach grumbling ever since he took flight towards the city. His destination is the capital of Blue Wind Empire. One of the biggest city in the empire. As expected of the capital of an empire, he saw thousands of people going in and out of the city.

Not bothering with them, he just flew and didn't go through an inspection. He knew that Sky profound cultivators and up would not need to go through such bothersome thing like inspection. He landed in a deserted place to avoid getting too much attention.

Aguin then rubbed his belly as he started walking in a stand. The stand is selling barbecue for 5 coppers each. For common people, this would be expensive for them. However for him, it's worth it to spend money just for foods. Not only would it help him progress his Appetite Energy culmination but also he knew that eating here would be undoubtedly be a bliss for him. Excitement can be seen in his eyes as he thought of how exaggerated did the author of Against the Gods described the taste of foods in this world. Knowing that he would have the chance to taste it, he can't help but look towards the taste of foods here. Seemingly knowing Aguin's intention, his stomach grumbled.

"Boss, gimme 3 each of those barbecue fish, pork..." He said as he pointed out to different kinds of barbecue in the stand.

"All of these would be 150 coppers sir." the man selling in the stand said respectfully. Any people would probably jump to conclusion that Aguin is a nobility based on his extravagant clothing.

Paying him no heed. Aguin payed the man as he took a bite of the barbecue..

"SO DELICIOUSS!" He said with twinkling eyes and delight.

'The meat is so soft and tender!' he thought as he finished the barbecue almost instantly. The taste is just right with the flavors balanced. Even the smell of the barbecue is wonderful enough to attract customers.

There are different types of barbecue.. Some butter-poached, some pan-seared, some spicy and cool but all in all, it's so delicious that it made Aguin a foodie and will start eating lots of food starting today. ( Author's Note: Food lovers are called foodies )



Aguin already went to different stores, stands, restaurants, and such in this city. Tasting them made his eyes twinkle all the time as he bought different kinds of foods with delight.

He is currently in front of this restaurant, 'Wind Restaurant'. He slowly entered through the door. Choosing his table, he sat on it while asked the waiter to bring the menu.

"This, this, this..." he unhurriedly chose different kinds of food from the menu and the waiter is silently writing all of his orders at the side. After taking his orders, the waiter proceeded towards the kitchen and such. Aguin sat peacefully at his table while waiting for his foods when..

A man in his thirties entered the restaurant. The people standing beside this man are looking at everyone in the restaurant in disdain. The manager personally welcomed the man, some people bowed towards this man. Looking at the situation where the people bowed in front of this man, 'This man should be pretty important..'

"Huh? There's no table!?" the ugly-faced bastard beside the 'special someone' disgruntled as he asked the manager.

"Sorry sir. There's no table available anymore.." the manager bowed and asked for their forgiveness. He can't help it after all, their restaurant is pretty popular at the capital. The ugly-faced bastard can't help but sneer at the manager. The bastard observed the surroundings looking for a table and soon saw a young man in a table seating peacefully while tapping his fingers at the table, obviously waiting for his food.

The bastard slowly approached Aguin while grinning, "Young man, get out of here and let us use this table!". The supposedly special someone smiled in pleasure at his subordinates action. The people in the surroundings can't help but just look at the young man in pity. The bastard didn't knew that they or rather him offended someone they shouldn't have messed with even if he had 10 lives.

Aguin who is daydreaming about the foods he ate today heard the most funny thing he heard today. A statement that made him laugh loudly. This bastard actually asked him to step aside while he's looking forward to the foods served here.

"You are courting death! You dare laugh at me?!" the ugly-faced bastard continued to be unreasonable and slammed his palm at the table in rage.

"You guys get out of my face or else.." Aguin warned them with a soft voice while paying them no mind. He wanted to give them a chance and just scram. Unfortunately...

The bastards and the supposedly important someone laughed at Aguin. The ugly-faced bastard sneered at Aguin while saying, "Hahaha! Do you even know who we are brat? We'll crippl-"

When Aguin heard the threats that these people spouted, he snapped. He is not someone easily bullied, even in his world before transmigration, no one would bully him because they don't dare. And now, he possesses power to make the world tremble and these people actually threatened to cripple him.

"Courting death!" Aguin shouted while he unleashed his aura. His aura filled the restaurant and suffocated the people inside the restaurant. The customers and staffs can't help but shiver involuntarily before this terrifying aura.

The aura soon leaked from the restaurant and covered the whole capital. Time seemed to stop. The people all shivered while looking towards the direction of 'Wind Restaurant'. The cultivators in the capital can't help but coughed up blood. The ordinary folks can never endure this aura and all of them collapsed, whether they are taking a bath or taking a dump, they still collapsed. The people who managed to endure the aura felt as if the world will collapse any moment now.



Aguin is looking at the bastards with heavy killing intent while tapping his hands at the table. These taps made the hearts of people here beat rapidly.

The bastards that offended and threatened Aguin can't move even a bit and is shivering in fear while looking at the young man before them.

They knew in their head that.. 'We fucked up! We actually offended someone we shouldn't have". They can't even speak or rather no one can speak because of Aguin's suffocating aura and heavy killing intent that seemed to make the world darken. Right now, Aguin really looked like a demon king that descended from hell.

Then, Aguin's eyes shone brightly for a second and in the next moment.. All of those bastards that were courting death vanished like ashes scattering in the sky. They disappeared without any trace from their position.

"Hiii!" The people in restaurant can't help but shriek and tremble while looking at the scene with wide eyes. In fear of offending the young man before them.. They immediately shut their mouths up and suppressed their shrieks.

Aguin then retracted his aura as if the deaths of those bastards didn't even concern him. He asked the manager and waiter to bring his foods.

"Y-yes sir!" the manager and waiter both bowed in front of him. They knew that provoking and earning his displeasure would only result to death so they don't dare slack and immediately brought the foods this man ordered.

Fortunately, Aguin isn't an unreasonable bastard that would kill without any justified reason. After all, he's still a human with morals.

Aguin slowly ate all his food. The restaurant is so quiet that it made the place quite eerie. The people didn't dare make a sound as they watched the person eat his foods slowly.

After a while, Aguin finished his food and left, of course, Aguin payed the manager. Only when Aguin left did the people in the restaurant sighed in relief as their body dropped to the floor.

"That was scary.."


"So powerful!"

They all recalled the scene but still can't help but shiver a bit in fear. They felt lucky that they were not the one who offended him or else they won't even notice that they already died.

That was absolute power. Absolute power that Aguin possesses right now.


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