Aguin's Cheat System
5 Declaration
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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5 Declaration

Aguin successfully merged with his new profound veins, the Fallen God's veins. Surprisingly, he managed to hold out till the end while bearing an unimaginable amount of pain.

Ever since Aguin has undergone that torturous experience, he finally realized just how much pain did Yun Che go through when he got the Evil God's Profound Veins. The process is so torturous that it made him feel as if he's been being cooked by the Demon King himself. It's like forcefully inserting a f*cking knife in someone's brain and expecting him to still be alive.

Aguin almost gave up just because he can't bear the pain from the merging process. Still for some reason, he managed to completely merge with it. Actually, it is like a miracle..

Aguin's hellish experience aside, the gains were incredible when he checked his body. The saying 'in disaster there is opportunity' is really legitimate.

He felt like his body was born anew, every single part of his body is filled with vitality. It even upgraded his dragon bloodline to an extent that dragon markings are visible in his chest. With his clothes, it's not really obvious and is concealable.



He is currently sitting in a lotus position while muttering some words. Different aura and phenomenon will appear every single time he mutters a word. This is of course, our protagonist, Aguin, he is actually gaining new abilities and skills in each passing minute.



"System" he said leisurely not bothering of anyone hearing him say it. He is still currently in the independent space made by CS. White sky, white land, white environment. This space is extremely boundless.

According to CS, the system can only sustain this space for a day and will break apart after the same time. Aguin knowing that he wouldn't be able to get any chance to be alone in an independent space which is completely safe from harm. He thought of getting new skills and abilities to make use of the remaining time.

[ Ding! Host can just state the ability he wishes to have and system will immediately apply the effects. ] This statement made him smile slightly as he sat down in a relaxed way.

He recalled every single thing about the abilities and skills he knew that would benefit him greatly. Abilities that will make him absurdly powerful and will definitely aid him throughout his journey in this world till he die. He listed out the different abilities he thought of and slowly gained them one by one.

"Appetite Energy" he said excitedly. He recalled that in Toriko, a manga, this mysterious energy was used by Ichiryu. It is said that this energy continuously harnessed Ichiryu's body down to organs, muscles, and every cells in body which in turn made Ichiryu absurdly powerful.

His body released a completely yellowish with a tinge of red aura. The aura only appeared momentarily and completely disappeared after a second.

This is a sign that Appetite Energy is doing it's work. Every each passing second strengthened his body down to each cells he has. This ability and his bloodline will complement each other.


"The End!"

Although, he didn't said specifically where did this ability came from, what anime and such. CS can make use of his memories to track down where did the ability came from. The End came from Medaka Box.

He felt something within him. It felt comfortable and this feeling is 'The End'. This ability allowed him to exhibit 120% of any skills he wields. This ability is passive just like Appetite Energy and will be activated continuously.


"Adaptive Tissue"

Just based from the name of the ability, this ability granted his tissue to adapt in any kind of environment. No one can implode Aguin in the vacuum of space, drown him in deep waters and such in extreme environments.


"Dunamis Pteryx" A skill that will enable him to steal time from others completely destroying their existence and returning to nothing more than atomic particles. This ability is an absurdly powerful skill that was made by Chronos.

Normally, 'Dunamis Pteryx' will need 'Dunamis Megas Drepanon' just to be wielded by the wielder. Profound Energy will substitute Dunamis Megas Drepanon as the energy source for the said skill. This skill will need an enormous amount of profound energy from Aguin. Enough energy to drain him immobile with just one usage even if he had Sovereign Profound Realm cultivation.


"Limit breaker" This skill is derived from Saitama's extreme power capable of destroying an entire planet and slaying a god.

This skill will allow Aguin to break his limits and in turn sustain unimaginable heavy price just from its usage. Aguin will probably need to reach Sovereign Profound realm and major accomplishment in Appetite Energy before gaining the qualification to continuously activate this skill every time.


"Scholar Heart" An ability that can make him comprehend every thing with ease. Aguin is literally a walking monstrous heaven-defying talented bastard just from this ability.


"Demon Masking" Skill that will let him shape shift skillfully. This skill is undetectable through normal terms of probing.


"Ultimate Eye" An ability that can predict enemy's movements and can help Aguin avoid any attack effortlessly. This power allows him to anticipate the perfect offense, defense, and strategy to defeat any opponent.

Unfortunately, this ability can be broken using speed. Pure speed that can surpass his brain speed. Only few people in this universe should be able to break this ability.

Not only that, Aguin also gained "Stigma God's Eyes". An extremely terrifying ocular eye that can incite a violent and destructive rampage.

CS combined this two skills into "Ultimate Stigma Eyes". If Aguin tried to look at himself in a mirror, he'll see a blue and red hexagonal magic patterns in his irides that is continuously revolving and swirling around.


"Sage Mode!" he uttered with extreme joy and anticipation.

Sage Mode is an empowered state that can be entered by blending natural energy with one's profound energy. Sage Mode allows users to tap into the natural force of the world, opening up new techniques to them and allowing them to power up existing ones with the new senjutsu energy.

This mode gave Aguin yellow irides with red pigmentation around his eyes that extends to his ears, as well as an additional round marking on his forehead with a dot in its centre. ( Author's Note: Hashirama's Sage Mode )



"Sharingan!" Aguin roared in dominance as wind blew from his position.

Aguin's pair of eyes completely transformed into a crimson blood color that seemed to contain the power to swallow a person. Three tomoes can be seen in his eyes lining up in triangular pattern.

Deep within his irides are blue and red hexagonal magic patterns continuously swirling around. These are his "Ultimate Stigma Eyes". ( Author's Note: Iris (singular) , Irides (plural) )

Aguin gripped his fists as he sensed three bloodlines in his body. A golden dragon markings can be seen in his chest glowing radiantly. This markings are from his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

A sun mark can be seen in his right hand releasing a yellow glow. This mark is from his Ashura bloodline. Aguin decided to get this bloodline because of it's innate ability to use Sage Mode of Six Paths.

A moon mark can be seen in his left hand releasing a greyish glow. This mark is from his Indra bloodline. Increasing his ability to control and use his Sharingan.

Aguin also jumped into 4th stage of Emperor Profound realm. Only a month has passed since he got transmigrated to this world. ( Author's Note: 1 Month towards Plot. Yun Che should possess True Profound Realm cultivation or higher at this moment )

'Preparations finished' he thought as he commanded CS to break this independent space apart. The space started to break apart and revealed a pure white sky.

Aguin smiled lightly and looked towards the sky while declaring, "Time to shake the heavens".
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    《Aguin's Cheat System》