Aguin's Cheat System
4 Fallen God“s Veins
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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4 Fallen God“s Veins

At the courtyard of the Xiao Clan, countless guards are patrolling around the territory of the said clan. A blur can be seen at the sky, no one from the clan noticed the blur. The blur slowly materialized and slowly revealed to be Aguin.

How can Aguin fly? Isn't he supposed to only have the ability to float since only Sky Profound cultivators have the power to defy the laws of gravity. Well.. It is because of Aguin's Golden Dragon King bloodline. ( Author's Note: Perks of Rank 78 Sage ( body condition ) )

Aguin is currently floating at the sky just below Xiao Clan's territory. He's been staring in a specific place which is a room where she's been staying since a few days. This room belongs to Xia Qingyue. Aguin recalled that Xia Qingyue possess an otherwordly beauty that can cause downfall of empires, so he's been thinking whether he should give it a shot and appear before her.

Although, he is interested in getting to know her and of course, catching a glimpse of her beauty, he knew it himself that he wouldn't be able to make an impression out of her at the moment. The time isn't ripe. He still wasn't so sure who he will pick among the girls. ( Author's Note: There he is.. Acting like some loyal man. )

Taking his last look at her room, a golden energy covered him and he flew away without anyone noticing.



Meanwhile, Yun Che who's been sleeping all this time suddenly opened his eyes and quickly sat up. Shocked by the revelations around him. He heard a voice from his aunt which is filled with surprise and joy.



After a while, Aguin found a suitable location to rest in the middle of nowhere. The place he chose is a forest with beasts moving around.

Based on his impression from 'Against the Gods', this forest should be relatively safe. Only Nascent Realm beasts do live here. Trusting his memory, he chose this place without thinking twice.

Aguin slowly flew down from the sky. He didn't produce any noise from his landing. It was truly a skillful landing.

He sensed that Yun Che already woke up. He thought excitedly, 'It's starting!' while staring at the direction where he came from with an excited gaze.

Now.. He's been thinking of getting his own profound veins. He wanted to immediately start cultivating. He always envied characters that can fly and such and right now.. He, a novel reader, has gained the chance to cultivate. Who wouldn't be excited, right?

'System!' he called CS as he sat up and leaned in a tree. One can see delight and excitement from his gaze.

[ Ding! Currently #,###,### items are found and can be purchased using soul points. Please use the search function ]

Coincidentally, CS knew his intention and quickly redirected him to system's store. He found out that this system possesses an unbelievable amount of items. Items can he can buy with his unlimited soul points. Suppressing his excitement, he searched for profound veins in the store.

[ Ding! Search results:

-Normal Profound Veins ( Veins that almost every human possess.. Better than host's current non-existent veins )

-Emperor's Might Divine Veins ( Once awakened, possessor would jump immediately at Emperor Profound Realm )

-Tyrannical Emperor's Divine Veins ( When awakened, possessor would jump immediately at Tyrant Profound Realm )

-Innate Sovereign Divine Veins ( Once awakened, possessor would jump immediately at Sovereign Profound Realm. Can wield a rare energy called 'Innate Energy' to strengthen their own body )

-Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins ( Possessor won't experience bottlenecks when cultivating. Divine Veins with all 54 profound entrances opened )

-Primordial Yang Vein ( Once a million years, a talent ( boy ) would be born with this vein. Majoring in cultivating fire and yang element. )

-Primordial Yin Vein ( Once a million years, a talent ( girl ) would be born with this vein. Majoring in cultivating ice and yin element. )

-Abyssal Vein ( Culminated from endless chaos energies across the universe. Will make the possessor breakthrough endlessly depending on the amount of Profound Energy around. Divine veins that has long since fade away from the eyes of people. )

-Elemental Divine Veins ( Will allow possessor to wield different elements. Wind. Air. Water. Earth. Lightning. Darkness. Light. Only disadvantage is breaking through would become more difficult every stages. )



Different variety of profound veins can be bought from the store. He imagined where he will gather his most trusted subordinate then give them a divine veins.. How awesome is that? Unfortunately for him, he wouldn't be able to pass these veins to someone except himself.

While inspecting the different profound veins available in the store, Aguin saw the Buddha Heart Divine Veins which was talked about back then in the novel which is said to possess wondrous properties. Profound veins that can cause bloodbath. However, Aguin just nonchalantly continued scrolling the lists.

Afterwards, he saw this specific profound veins that even the system cannot identify. Knowing that the 'Almighty One' created this system for him, he got intrigued. He reckoned himself to read it's description.

-Void !@#$ Veins ( System cannot specify it's class. Normal. Might. Innate. Emperor. Divine. This vein do not belong in any of these categories. Based on system's information, this vein should be the divine veins of the fallen Creation God who created this universe. Creation God is a True God powerhouse. )

Author's Note: This Creation God isn't the one who created the universe but rather the million of fans of Against the Gods novel. It's just some sort of filler.

Surprised from the description, he suddenly thought of an idea that made him shiver in excitement and anticipation. He asked CS whether he can merge different types of profound veins and create a new one. Who would not want an all-powerful profound veins? Even True Gods might kill just for this opportunity.

[ Ding! Yes. Host can combine different types of profound veins. ]

He sighed in relief that he can indeed merge them. His eyes shone in determination as he asked CS to combine the best possible profound veins to create a new variation. A new profound veins that have not existed. This profound veins would be 'his'.

[ Combining the best profound veins.. ]

[ 1%...25%...46%...78%...100% ]

[ Ding! Merging process complete.. ]

'What kind of profound vein will I have? What kind?' he thought in anticipation.

[ Ding! Fallen God Veins has been unearthed. ]

'Fallen God Veins?' he asked. He was rather shocked when he heard the name of the profound veins. 'And even unearthed?'

[ Fallen God Veins are profound veins that has been long lost. Description are not available. ]

Aguin asked whether CS has any clues about this profound veins. He knew for sure that this profound veins are awesome as f*ck. But still, knowing a little bit about it would be better.

[ This profound veins should be the profound veins of a being that has cultivation beyond True God realm. However, this is only an assumption based on the quality of this profound veins. ]

"Wow!" He cannot help uttering this word while standing up. Although, it is only an assumption, he knew for sure that this assumption might as well be real. Knowing that this profound veins enabled someone ascend True God realm and reach a realm that is known to no one brought him excitement.

"Holyyy shitt!" He jumped around happily in the forests as he gradually calmed his mind down. However, contrary to his happiness, CS announced something that brought him into tears.

[ Host must bear an unimaginable amount of pain in the process of merging this veins with host. The estimated time for the merging process is 2 hours. In this time, host will be pulled to an independent space made by the system to prevent further obstructions. ]

[ Continue? {Y/N} ]

"F*ck! Might as well do it! YESSS!" he cursed while lamenting at his misfortune. 'Sigh! The pain better be worth it'


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