Aguin's Cheat System
3 Aguin, The Golden Dragon King
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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3 Aguin, The Golden Dragon King

A young man can be seen in the center of Yun Che's room. For some wondrous reason, he is floating while leaking out a bit of threadlike golden aura. This aura emanates absolute power and supremacy.

The young man has a messy hair that is completely pure black hair and a stature slightly taller than Yun Che's body. Wearing a white cloak with dragon markings in each parts of the cloak with golden red marks. Inside the cloak is a long sleeve shirt with an 'X' design that can be seen in the center of the shirt with gold and black embroidery. A pair of black shoes and a black pants that matches his upper wear. ( He looks like this: )

[ Host's consciousness has been transferred ]

Suddenly, his eyelashes fluttered and his eyes slowly opened. In every passing second, a revolving golden dragon can be seen inside his iris which is moving around happily. When his eyes completely opened, the golden dragon stopped moving and slowly looked outside.

The dragon's eyes shone brightly and it's body released a mighty aura that seemed to contain power that can destroy the whole realm. It let out a mighty roar. A roar that won't be forgotten and instead would go down in history as one of the mystery phenomenon that has occur.


A mighty roar resounded and shook the heavens and earth. Thunders crackled while the sky darkened. The heavens wailed in fear in front of this roar's presence.

This roar continued to travel till it covered the whole Blue Star Pole planet. The normal people in this planet lost their consciousness while the cultivators would coughed up blood or shiver in fear.

It didn't stopped there as it covered countless planets and lastly.. reached the whole God realm. Countless cultivators at God realm heard this roar. Some trembled in fear, some knelt, and some coughed up blood.

The Realm Kings who stood at the pinnacle of God Realm heard this roar. They felt their soul shaking in trepidation and fear. Countless divine sense covered the God realm seeking the source of the roar.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor is one of those Realm Kings who sent out their divine sense. He knew for sure that this roar didn't came from the legendary Dragon God. He can only narrow his eyes while contemplating deeply.

Unfortunately for them, no one in this universe even a True God powerhouse would be able to sense Aguin.



Meanwhile in the Wasteland of Death. An azure dragon can be seen coiling inside a cave. Countless scales can be seen in it's body which can undoubtedly pierce and kill cultivators below the Divine Master realm.

This mighty dragon stopped coiling around and suddenly turned its head towards south when the roar from Golden Dragon King resounded and shook the heavens and earth.

He looked towards south with confusion filling it's eyes. This dragon who existed since the beginning of time is now experiencing something that he didn't know or something he cannot comprehend.

'Who?' All he can do is ask inwardly.



While every divine beasts that is living in Blue Star Pole waiting for someone to get their inheritance completely turned their focus on the south. Fire Phoenix. Vermillion Bird. Golden Crow. All of them turned their pair of eyes towards the south.

Every single one of them looked at that direction with confusion filling their eyes. Confusion. Questions circling around their minds. That there should be no one other than them. Just from that roar, they sensed that this existence is at least as formidable as the 'Dragon God'. And at most, more powerful than the 'King of Ten Thousand Beasts'. ( Dragon God = King of Ten Thousand Beasts )



Meanwhile, Aguin is feeling his body at the moment and is completely ignorant on what is happening outside. He didn't knew that he already caused a phenomenon that shook every living being in this universe.

Aguin is still focused in his body. He sensed just from the sensation of his body that he can punch someone to a blood pulp just using pure strength.

'System! Status!' he inquired excitedly within in his mind. Inquiring for the changes in his status.

[ Ding! Status..

Name: Aguin

Age: 16

Profound Energy: 0th Elementary Profound Realm

Combat Prowess: Early stages of True Profound Realm

Bloodline: Golden Dragon King

Divine Veins: None

Spirits: Golden Dragon King, Blue Dragon King Grass

Soul-bound Items: None

Additional Info: Ineligible to cultivate. Host do not possess Profound Veins.


After discovering that he can't cultivate for a while, 'Hmmm.. So I do not possess Profound Veins, huh? Well enough of that'. Aguin slowly flew down with a contemplating expression in his face.

Turning his head around, using his large and clear black eyes he saw Yun Che's body lying comfortably in a bed. He approached him slowly with gracefulness in his movements while carefully observing Yun Che.

Aguin leaned a bit and put his hand in Yun Che's temple and tried to sense the soul that should be merging by now. He discovered that the soul is indeed merging at the moment and at this pace it would be completed in about half an hour.

After a bit of consideration, Aguin called the system and talked about something..

'System! I want to put something in Yun Che's soul so I'll be able to control him at my will.. Is it possible?' Aguin planned to use Yun Che to probe some mysterious beings in this planet. And while he's at it.. watch some interesting scenes.. Hehe.. Hehe..

[ Yes. Host can put a soul imprint in the said soul. System will aid host in the imprinting process. ]

"Good!" he muttered excitedly in a low voice knowing that he can really control Yun Che. Then he commanded CS to begin the process of soul imprinting.

[ Please put your hand towards his forehead ]

Aguin observed Yun Che for a while before completely putting his hand at the said forehead. He closed his eyes and tried to sense Yun Che's soul while instructing CS to start the process.

He sensed 2 ethereal forms inside Yun Che's consciousness space. These ethereal forms have identical features and is slowly merging to each other.

He received an instruction from CS to cut a little tiny bit of his soul and approach the pair of souls hovering in the consciousness space. He controlled his will to send out a bit of his soul towards the ethereal forms.

[ Beginning Soul Imprint. Host's soul ( 0.0001% ) has touched Yun Che's merging soul ]

[ Processing.. 1%...25%...46%...78%...100% ]

[ Ding! Process completed ]

That process were simple and fast. It only took a few minutes.

At that moment the process finished, Aguin gained a new ability to sense Yun Che's body and soul regardless of distance. It's as if there's a connection thou it's a one way connection as Aguin is the only one who can sense Yun Che and not vice versa.

Aguin smiled a bit when he confirmed that the process was completed. He then focused his attention towards himself and soon became tongue-tied.

He saw his body releasing a golden threadlike aura unceasingly around the room. This aura looks so mighty and powerful just from looking at it. He immediately ceased the leaking of aura by controlling it. For some reason, he just knew how to control it from his instinct. And for some absurb reason, he only noticed it by now..

After retracting his aura, he slowly walked towards the window. There he saw countless stars in the sky.. Mighty tree that stood tall.. And most of all, cultivators sparring outside the Clan Mansion.

'I really am here, huh?' he whispered softly. He reminiscent the things that he experienced today. Different feelings surfaced in his face. He hid such feelings back in his mind.

Turning his head towards the young man lying in the bed. He said in low voice, "Good Luck Yun Che.. I expect great things from you.. Someone who will surely reach the True God realm."

Aguin shook his head and bitterly smiled at the fact that this guy won't die no matter what happen. Plot armors sure are terrifying eh? Aguin's body slowly became a blur and after a while.. His body disappeared completely from the room.


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