Aguin's Cheat System
2 Cheat System
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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2 Cheat System

[ Host has recovered. ]

Yun Che's eyelashes fluttered in the instant his soul recovered. Yun Che slowly opened his eyes and quickly sat up.

As he expected, he found himself in a comfortably soft bed. 'This should be prepared by Yun Che's aunt'. He tried to move his hands and feet a bit.

"Looks like I completely recovered.." he muttered in low voice.

Hands clutching his head. He closed his eyes and quickly organized his memories. 'I am Aguin. I am currently in Yun Che's body. Since the 2 souls was merging.. It means that the plot will start any moment now. His aunt should come back now and grief for Yun Che's death then Yun Che will suddenly wake up.'

Raising his chin and turning his head towards the door. He quickly recalled the happenings in the novel 'Against the Gods'.




After a while.. Aguin calmly observed the surroundings. A cabinet can be seen in the corner of a room together with a white robe. A pair of windows in the left and a carpet in the center of the room.

Aguin started to plan based on the story of 'Against the Gods'.

'Since I have an unlimited amount of Soul points. I can probably jump straight into True God realm. Unfortunately when I asked CS about it..'


[ Host cannot directly ascend to True God Realm and other divine realms. At most, host will take at least a year before reaching the divine realm. Although, host has an unlimited soul points. It can only be used for buying skills, abilities, bloodlines, items, and few miscellaneous things.


As a reader, I wouldn't want to remove Yun Che from existence right? It would be more fun and exciting if Yun Che exists in this world.

Aguin sighed "Sigh~". Still he was only a normal work office man yesterday and now he can be a cultivator that can pierce an iron with a finger.

'System' Aguin called CS via communicating with it in his mind. He wanted to inquire whether it is possible to give this body back to Yun Che and just create a new body for himself. CS' reply brought joy in Aguin's face.

[ Yes. Host can create a new body for himself. System can unseal the two souls and put it back in Yun Che's body. ]

Hmmm. I didn't liked Yun Che's heroism. It's absurb in the first place. Gotta tamper with him a bit. Hehe.

'System. Regulate the emotion of the 2nd soul that have gone in reincarnation. Apply normal parameters in the soul's heroism' With this Yun Che's bullshit attitude will be fine a little bit.

[ 2nd Soul ( Reincarnated ) Entity: Yun Che. Regulating Emotions. Emotion Override Starting... ]

[ Heroism level: 9999 -> Herosim level: 1000 Continue? {Y/N} ]

'Yes' With this his harem would go down a bit. It's inevitable that Xia Qingyue would be Yun Che's unless I interfere, huh?

[ Emotion Override. 1%...25%...46%...78%...100% ]

[ Emotion. Override. Complete ]

Based on my calculations, Yun Che's aunt would come back in 2 hours. I guess that'll be enough for me to create my own body and move into it.

Do you guys wonder why Aguin don't want Yun Che's body? Well because he doesn't want a harem. It's completely retarded to have women that won't complain if you have multiple ones. That is surely plot armor. An annoying one at that.

Aguin wants to give this body back. Yun Che can collect all beauties in the world, he don't care. Just go away from Aguin's target. For now, Aguin haven't found who will he pursue and such, thou he has an idea who he would pursue. If Yun Che tried to steal 'his' target. Well. Well. Well. Someone will get erased from the face of Blue Star Pole.

Aguin gave confirmation to CS for the creation of his new body to let the plot just start now.

[ System has received Host's confirmation. Please imagine the features of the body you would want. The body can contain the bloodline and excellent genes of the 'will be created body'. ]

Aguin searched within his memories and saw different beings such as Naruto, Meng Hao, Nie Li, Killua, Goku, etc.. Aguin saw a young man with pure black hair seating in a lotus position.

'This should be... Tang Wulin?' Aguin remembered Tang Wulin. The dragon king that ascended to God Stage in Douluo Dalu 3. This guy is extremely awesome with dragon wings and that golden threads around his body.

'System! Can you merge different types of bodies and then retain the appearance of the character I would choose?'

[ Half Yes. Half No... Yes, because system can indeed merge different types of bodies and combine their bloodlines. However, you must create the body first before doing such a thing. ]

'Oh I guess that's reasonable enough.' Aguin quickly sat back up to the bed and sat in lotus position in the middle of the comfortable bed.

Aguin quickly imagined Tang Wulin from the Legend of the Dragon King. He is one of the characters I monitored carefully from the start and the finish of the novel. 'Well. Let's do it!'

[ System has detected host's choice. Gathering Information from host's memories ] replied the system which brought excitement in Aguin's face.

[ Tang Wulin. Age 16. Golden Dragon King Bloodline. God King genes from Tang San. ]

[ Host do you want to keep the Golden Dragon King spirit and the Blue Silver spirit? ]

'Yes. I would want to. Oh! Please make my appearance just like in the cover where he has golden dragon wings at the back. And a golden dragon circling around his blue silver spirit at his hand.'

[ Host's wish has been confirmed. Specific things has been added. ]

[ Tang Wulin. Age 16. Rank 78 Spirit Sage. Golden Dragon King 15th seal unlocked. Blue Dragon King Spirit. Confirm? {Y/N} ]

'Yes! Create the body now!'

[ Creating body...]

[ Golden Dragon King (15th seal unlocked) has been inserted in the body ]

[ Blue Dragon King Grass Spirit (mutated) has been inserted in the body ]

[ Rank 78 Spirit Sage (body condition) has been inserted in the body ]

[ 1%...25%...46%...78%...100% ]

[ Body creation has been completed and temporarily halted at final steps ]

"Woosh!" A ripple in space appeared in the center of room. Aguin who is sitting in lotus position fell down in the bed as he loss his consciousness.

[ Unsealing the 2 souls. Xiao Che (first life). Yun Che (second life). ]

[ Unseal completed. ]

[ The 2 unsealed souls has been putted in Yun Che's body. ]

[ Host's soul has been putted at the newly created body. ]

The ripple in the space in the center of the room stopped and there...

[ Host's consciousness has been transferred ]


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