Aguin's Cheat System
1 Reincarnation
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Aguin's Cheat System
Author :Atharter
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1 Reincarnation

"Hum hum hum"

Humming and jumping in the street isn't considered normal. Lots of people will look toward his way as Aguin happily walk back to his home.

'Got promoted. Hehe'

Even though it is not considered normal that he walks like a kid in the street, he didn't care. Aguin just wanted to celebrate a bit about his promotion in work.

"Ding!" Aguin heard his phone ring.

[Against the Gods Chapter 2031]

Whoooo! Finally some release from our beloved author. It's been years since I started to subscribe in the author's patreon. Time sure is fast. Today is the release for the last chapter.. I am looking forward to the epilog-

"Beep! Beep!"

"Look out!"

I turned my head to the source of the sound. I saw a man warning me and pointing in another direction. There I saw a gigantic truck going my way.

3 meters... 2 meters... 1 meter..

It was so fast that I didn't have enough time to dodge. The truck looked so gigantic in the instant it hit Aguin. It brought enough momentum to throw Aguin's body 3 meters away. Aguin got thrown into the wall.

"Crack!" I heard the wall crack together with my bones. I can feel my organs breaking apart. My tendons in muscles collapsing. My blood getting cold.

'I didn't expected that the day I got promoted will be the day of my death' Aguin already bled lots of blood. He can feel his heart slowly die.

'Haha. I just wish that I have read the epilogue of Against the Gods before dying.' The last wish Aguin made before losing all his strength


His hand fell down to the ground. His eyes slowly closed into slits.

[ Truck-kun has killed you. ]

". . ."

[ You died. ]

". . ."

[ . . . ]

". . ."





[ Cheat System reactivating.. ]

[ 1%...25%...56%...76%...100% ]

[ Extracting data from host's soul ]

[ Data confirmed... ]

"Huh? Cheat system?"

[ Cheat system is a system created by Almighty One for the host. It has different functions that will aid you throughout your journey. ]

I see. Looks like I gained some almighty cheat from an Almighty being. I'll thank him if I met him personally. But still, for me to gain a cheat eh. Hehe. Every reader's dream indeed.

[ Different universe data detected in host's soul ]

". . ."

[ Extracting information.. ]

[ Extraction complete.. ]

[ Please choose your destination ]


[ Yes. You need to choose a universe where you will reincarnate. ]

'Reincarnation? To think that it is real. I even got a cheat system. I wonder what kind of destinations is available'

"So what are the destinations?"

[ Battle through Heavens, I shall seal the heavens, Against the gods. These are the different universe available for reincarnation. ]

"A-against the gods!" That universe was real? Impossible. How can a fiction story exist?

"Do that universe exist? Just like the universe I'm in before dying?"

[ Yes. Different universe that existed since the beginning of time where created by Almighty One. Almighty One is the law. The most powerful existence in the entire cosmos. There are times where universe can be created through faith or belief. ]

So Against the Gods universe got created because of the beliefs of it's millions of fans around the Earth. As for Almighty One.. Who is he? He even gave me a reality hack.. I don't believe that there's no reason behind this stuff. Well someone who can create universe is someone I can never contend with. For now, Aguin immediately hid the thoughts and questions he has about the Almighty One.

[ Choosing Against the Gods universe. Confirm? {Y/N} ]


Suddenly, a translucent energy flashed through the space around me. I can sense a warm energy flowing within my body. A very strong yet gentle energy. I lost my vision in the instant the translucent energy covered my body.



"Mmhm" Aguin regained his consciousness. Without opening his eyes, he immediately felt that his body is extremely heavy.

He felt exhausted. Exhaustion that came deep within his soul. He tried to move his eyes yet he cannot move even his eyes. Opening his eyes seemed impossible let alone moving his body.

'System!' Aguin said within his mind. He wanted to check his condition.

[ Cheat System activating.. ]

'Looks like it's still booting. I wonder if this stuff can be stolen from me..' As he was thinking..

[ Ding! Cheat System activated.

Function available:




Note: System cannot be stolen from host.


'Status' Aguin inquired within his mind. He felt confused as to why his body is so exhausted.

[ Status (Soul Exhausted)

Name: Yun Che (Aguin)

Age: 16

Profound Energy: 0th Elementary Profound Energy

Bloodline: None

Soul-bound Items: Sky Poison Pearl, Mirror of Samsara

Additional Info: Host's veins are currently damaged


"W-what?" he said inwardly with a quivering voice. He still can't believe what is happening. Furthermore, he is actually in Yun Che's body.

Ever since Aguin started reading Against the Gods, he got addicted to it. He would wait for chapters everyday. And right now, he is the main character? How exciting is that?

He immediately noticed the 'Soul Exhausted' status. He asked the system why is his soul exhausted and how long will he recover.

[ When the host reincarnated to this body, the system detected 2 souls in the said body. The pair of souls are in the process of merging. The system interfered with the process by sealing the 2 souls. The host will recover within the next 6 months. ]

Then. Doesn't that mean that the plot already started? Nonono! I need to recover immediately. I don't want to interfere with Yun Che's business.

'System. Is there a way to recover immediately?'

[ Yes. Soul can recover immediately by spending soul points ]

'Soul points?'

[ Yes. Soul points are energy originating from one's soul. Usually, a person can only generate 10,000 soul points at the start if they gained the system. However, host has an unbelievable amount of soul points. ]

'How many?'

[ It cannot be counted. Host's soul points are infinite. ]

Infinite huh? That's weird. Is the Almighty One responsible for this? Well. I'll use this advantage to the fullest.

'Please remove my exhaustion status.'

[ Ding! Recovering from 'Soul Exhaustion'. Consuming soul points. ]

[ 1%...25%...46%...78%...100% ]

Outside his consciousness, a translucent light covered the dead body of Yun Che in a second and immediately disappeared.

[ Host has recovered. ]


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